Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goofy Searches brought to you by Google

Every few months, I like to share with you the searches that have pulled my little tiny blog page up for the world to see. Oh, what have people been looking for lately? With a giggle, here's the list:

1. "Do Amish climb trees to get leafs" -- Um, I'm not certain. I think that they probably do what the rest of us do and either wait for them to fall or just reach up and grab the ones that they can reach.
2. "Genetically engineered Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean" -- I went completely heirloom and non-GMO. Cruise on over to Baker Creek Seeds for the good stuff that won't make your child grow a third eye, please.
3. "Is Claritin bad for kids" -- I suspect the adult version isn't a great idea for kids, but the Children's Claritin works great in our house.
4. "How weed killer works" -- I'm not certain exactly, but I'm certain that when you spray the vinegar on the weed, it soaks down in and the sun makes the vinegar burn the weed and root up. I could be wrong, though.
5. "Trucking accidents on HWY 80 4-29-09" -- I have no idea why I came up on this search other than 80 being the Ohio Turnpike.
6. "Virgo weed killer" -- This one made me giggle just a little. :)
7. "My child is a nudist" -- Oh, this one made me laugh, too. This went back to my second post ever on this little blog. I was talking about our tent camping vacation.
8. "All kinds of piturs of dolls and polly pockets" -- I once did a WFMW on Polly Pocket organization. I don't know that it would qualify as "all kinds of piturs" though.
9. "The Queen of Clean weed killer" -- I'm not the Queen of Clean, though I appreciate the label!
10. "Automatic shower cleaner safe for baby toys" -- NO! It's cleaner and though I realize it says it's okay to be sprayed on stuff around it, please don't let your child go gnawing on sprayed toys. Uck.
11. "Krabby batty hat from Spong Bob picturs" -- I suppose that I mentioned Sponge Bob once, but have no idea what they are talking about. Sponge Bob is Hubs' and K-'s thing.
12. "Baby Party" -- Oh, I am quite sure that they wanted ideas for planning a baby shower and not pictures of my sister's big ole creature home for Baby Pine Cone.
13. "Kentucky Wonder starting with heating pad" -- I would say not to even worry about it. They grow so fast that even if you are late planting them, they will catch up soon enough. In my zone, we can't even plant them until the end of the month. I'm always so jealous to see when plants can hit dirt for other people so much earlier than us!
14. "Po*t Leaf Pajamas." -- And I came up on this search why? Never have I ever partaken nor have I ever mentioned. I don't even have jammies with leaves on them. It's a search mystery to me.
15. "Should a robin egg float or sink if it is alive?" -- Um, I don't know. Can't you hold it up to the light to see if anyone is in there?
16. "Handcrafted hair dryer organizer." -- I don't use a hair dryer. Do you really need more than one? Ooo! But my co-worker said that she bought a new attachment for her hair dryer that twirls your hair as you dry it. It makes it look curled if it isn't and for me, oh what wonders would it do? Would it force my curls to behave?
17. "Carnival hair." -- Catch me on a humid morning and yes, I have carnival hair.
18. "Will Graco Nautilus fit in Ford Ranger?" -- Can't tell you. I can tell you that a Britax Regent will fit nicely in a 2008 RAV4 and a 1997 Tercel.
19. "Mess free + elmer" -- If you are looking to have me tell you that the mess free fingerpaint is mess free, you've got to go to another blog. I must be honest with you, it is a big fat mess.
20. "Leaf of Bailey" -- It makes me sound all regal and whatnot. (I don't know why I think that.) I'm really not, though. We also get "Bailey Leafs" or "Bailey Leaves," but we're just Bailey's Leaf.

So, I suppose that this time wasn't nearly as bizarre as last time's toe dissection search, but still a giggle to share!

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Um, wow. Toe dissections and p*ot pajamas indeed. :oP

Patti said...

Funny searches & loved your efforts to provide answers.

Dana said...

I was once the top search result for chicken mop.

Michelle said...

those are some crazy search phrases!