Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have I failed to mention my lack of athleticism?

I am not the picture of grace.

I did not excel in sports, except volleyball.  I wailed on the ball. 

This evening, I told Hubs and K- that I was going to go out to the back yard for one last look for monarchs.  "You know, I believe I'll join you," Hubs says.  Quickly, K- was in tow. 

I had a monarch in my sights.  It fluttered to the other side of the fence, and I decided that would be the side to pursue on.  K- followed me, but hung back where I told her, so as not to scare the monarch.

I stalked the monarch.  I was quiet and stealth-like.  I made the leap.   I made the swoop.  I caught it! 

Then I landed.  On an incline.  In Birkenstock's

With a crack. 


It was so loud that Hubs heard it from probably about 10 feet away.  "Honey, WHAT did you just do?"

I got myself turned around while keeping the monarch in the confines of the butterfly net.  I told him that he needed to come help me.  I thought that I potentially broke my foot. 

I instantly took my shoe off.  Best to remove than to cut or pry my shoe off.  Hubs bent down and started caring for my foot.  All I could think of was the butterfly. 

"Get the butterfly."

"Amy, I need to see what you did."

"No, seriously.  You need to get the butterfly."  He and K- complied with my request.  They sexed, tagged and released. 

I got up, started to hobble down Mike's driveway (which has cameras and Hubs is pretty certain that I should blog my catch or put it on You Tube), then I hear my aunt.  "AMY!  AMY!"  She was very sing-songy. 

I did not feel so sing-songy. 

I told K- to go get her and I told Hubs, "Oh, I just can't do it tonight."  She was on a ride about and as it turns out, she was okay.  I talked to her a bit, mulled over the potential of taking a trip to the ER, but neighbors and my mom weren't around.  K- starts school in the AM, I didn't want to keep her up late by taking her to someone elses house and I didn't want her all stressed out about me.

So where am I at tonight?  I'm sitting on the computer chair with my foot, not aching, but swollen and showing slight bruising.  My plan is to get K- onto the bus in the AM, drive out (of course it is my right foot) to retrieve the RAV from the body shop and onward to my doctor's office.  (More on the RAV in a later post.  Not crashed but damaged by the belt on the windshield repair guy.)  My doctor's office is in one of the local hospitals, so if my foot requires a scanning of some sort, which I believe I've won the lottery for, they'll be able to do it on site. 

My toes bend.  The whole row.  I can flex them back and forth.  My ankle flexes back and forth.  I can walk on the inside of my foot.  The outside of my foot has a swelling that doesn't belong there, a slight haze of purple and I can't walk on it. 

Good times, right? 

Yes, I'll keep you up to date on my orthopedic health.

In the meantime, just remember that I caught and got that butterfly tagged.  Oh, I just can't wait for the doctor to ask what I did. 


Rach said...

I actually understand your mindset with regards to Hubs tagging the butterfly. Drat it all, you'd just broken your foot to catch the darn thing, the least he could do was TAG it. ;o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh no! I hope your foot is OK this morning. And I hope nothing is broken :( Hang in there, "Miss Grace".