Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Vinegar as Weed Killer

We organically garden. We also have a limestone driveway that is plagued by weed growth. I hate the idea of Round Up and I don't like the cost. Our herb garden is along side the driveway and I wasn't fond of eating Round Up. We found a solution, though. Vinegar.

That's right. We were at some museum or zoo in Columbus and they had a sign that said that you could use vinegar as a Round Up replacement. Fantastic! I can do that!

Put straight vinegar into a spray bottle. (I have a manual pump sprayer-- thank you, Cj!--that works well for me.) Spray the vinegar on the weed when it is sunny and dry out. In a few days, you will see that your weed has turned a nice brown. Just pull the dead stuff up and you are good to go.

Voila! Vinegar is a super duper thing, though. Last week's Washer Maintenance WFMW netted a tip from Jennifer. She said to run a cup of vinegar through your wash once a month to get rid of build up of soaps and whatnot. Here's even more good stuff about vinegar!

Next week: CFL Lifespan Tips.


Rach said...

Thank you SO much for the tip! We are plagued by weeds in our walkways and can't seem to get rid of them. I'm on this! :o)

Jamie said...

I never knew that...though I use vinegar for tons of other things around the house. I don't have a bad weed issue, I will def try this!

Kaycee said...

This is awesome. I hate weeding the veggie garden, but Round Up is not an option. Thanks!

Muthering Heights said...

Vinegar?? I never would have guessed!

Rachel said...

Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. My hubby likes to get happy with the weed killer. I hate it. I will arm him with some vinegar and turn him loose!

Raise Them Up said...

I love this tip! I had no idea you could use vinegar. But I'll definitely be trying it this spring. Thanks for sharing. :)