Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Feel All Googly

Okay, I've had some odd google searches come up this month, so I figured that I would share them. Today's search leaves me shaking my head. Check out number one. Ick.

1. "How to dissect cheese in a[n] ingrown toenail." -- Okay, I'm thinking that isn't cheese in there. My guess would be that it is infection. Why did I come up on this search? I don't dissect things, let alone my toes! I did list my reason for wearing Birkenstocks was because I had ingrown nail issues in the past, but ewwww!
2. "Glad Dan's back off the wagon." -- I've gotten this search 4 or so times. I don't know who Dan is, but I think that being ON the wagon is the preferred way, yes? In a previous post, I said that I had fallen off the [line drying] wagon, but I was back on. I hope Dan is okay.
3. "PMS irrational." -- Yes, that can be me. Just ask Hubs.
4. "I really want to keep him in a 5 point harness as long as possible." -- I've gotten a lot of searches regarding car seats. I had written one in WFMW about K-'s booster. I even had a search about dogs, harness' and boosters for them. Hmm.
5. "Elmers go paint stinks." -- Yes it does, and so does my house since as I'm writing this, I have a crock pot of broccoli soup cooking.
6. "Homemade 'toilet cleaning gel' " -- I did a Bzz Agent review and I mentioned Lysol toilet cleaning gel. Those are some way industrious people to want to make their own toilet cleaning gel. I'm wondering, do they have the little flower plunger thingy or are they using something else?
7. "Cookie recipes from pioneer times." -- I don't have any of those, but if they are good pass them along!
8. "Therapeutic listening for toddler on ebay." -- I'm stumped on this one. Perhaps I need therapeutic listening.
9. "Pudding skin." -- I did a post on Jello Pudding Singles and about how we laughed at the Pudding Skin Singles Seinfeld. I've gotten a lot of people searching and picking me up on this. Either they think it is funny or they want to make pudding skin singles themselves.
10. "Bailey leaf, soup." -- Either they really intended to pick me up and make my Chicken Corn Chowder, or they want to make soup with BAY leaves. I think that many people really think that they are called Bailey Leaves.
11. "Has a shower nower so leaves mes bes." -- My guess is that English isn't the first language. I also have no idea what they wanted. Hopefully they found it.
12. "How do we know that a 40 pound 5 point harness won't hold more that 40 pounds." -- Another car seat question, but one I feel should be addressed. Please don't save money by keeping a child that is too big in a small car seat. You think that you are going well by the child, but it is rated for that specific weight for a reason. Feel free to contact the Safe Kids Coalition to find out more detailed information. This is definitely not something to save money on.
13. "Whats the big deal about polly pocket[?]" -- I'm guessing that someone without little girls asked this. Polly Pockets and all of their rubbery accessories are great fun. My daughter has always been fascinated by "tiny things" and Pollys do for her what Hot Wheels do for most boys. (Though, she does have an impressive collection of Hot Wheels, too. Thanks Grandpa.)
14. "Broom hair cut." -- I never knew anyone else gave their broom a hair cut except for me.
15. "How do I keep my shower caddy from sliding down the arm[?]" -- Though they didn't get their answer here, I can tell you that we fix everything with cable ties and duct tape. Either one should work. :)


Jamie said...

Ok, some of those are really weird.

I'll just say that most of my searches involve swear words. Gee, wonder why?

Did I ever tell you how my cats love to carry Polly clothes around?

Michelle said...

Wow you got some real winners there! LOL I'm always amazed at what some people use for search phrases, I wish I had been saving some of mine from the beginning - they were more odd then, not so much lately...I guess that's a good thing LOL