Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Polly Pocket Containment

My item to share today is my containment for Polly, her friends and all of their insanely tiny parts. I mean sure, the sweeper loves the little shoes, but you need something to keep all of those rubbery and magnetic clothes together. I use a clear fishing tackle container that I scored from the local Walmart (or Walmarts depending upon your particular locale.)

As you can see, you can remove the little section things and make room for all kinds of Polly paraphernalia. We have a few sections with just the dolls, clothing separated into dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, shoes, purses, critters, critter clothes, hair accessories, hats, musical instruments, a few non-Polly things that like to play with the Pollys and the section with sections and a saddle. Does she keep them all this way all the time? No. She does keep them in the container, though. I told her that Santa needed to know that she was taking care of her Pollys before he would consider bringing her more. I'm pleased to say that everyone and everything seems to be accounted for except for 3 tiny slipper shoes, which may have taken a header down the heat vent when K-'s Polly box fell off the bed and upside down into the ditch (AKA the 18" space between the bed and the wall.) Frankly, my husband suggests that they just permanently mold the shoes onto their feet because they are the part that gets lost the most anyhow. But after you are done doing the anal retentive Virgoian separation of all their tiny parts, you can snap the box shut and look! It's a fairly skinny box.

Her extra McDonald's friends don't fit inside, but they hang out on the top of the box until the Pollys are freed.

Oh, and how are Polly Pockets as a toy? Personally, I think that they are great! I would have dug them as a kid and K- absolutely loves them. Girl o' mine will be getting this and this for Christmas. (Toys R Us had a BOGO sale last week.) She has the pool, so the boat should go well with it. For something that she loves to play with as much as Polly Pockets and the Fisher Price Twin Time Dollhouse, we think that it is well worth the money to buy add on's. Why not go with the sure fire gift?


Redneck Diva said...

I have imposed a moratorium on any more Polly Pockets coming into my home, but the ones we have sure need containment! I've tried bins, ziplock bags, totes, firehoses, flamethrowers....oh wait. Those last two are just how I envision getting rid of them every time I clean my daughter's room LOL.

I will be picking up some tackle sorters this weekend! Thanks!

Carey said...

That's a great idea for organizing the Pollys! We have a giant plastic bin for all of the big Polly stuff (cars, furniture, etc). Inside we keep one big Ziploc for Pollys, one for clothes, and one for accessories. We threw away ALL the shoes! I agree Pollys are a great toy. My daughter is 12 now, and I still get resistance when I suggest passing them on!

Betsy O'Donovan said...

My niece's Polly Pocket obsession drives my sister WILD; this is an excellent tip. And I think I have a tacklebox hanging around (never used for tackle -- for embroidery supplies; darn, those things are useful).

Thanks for the tip! Don't you love Works for Me Wednesdays?

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I was just about ready to box up and PUT AWAY my daughter's Pollys - just couldn't deal with the clutter of it all. Thanks for some inspiration!

AmyK said...

Perfect! Ah! I love it. Whoever designed the new Polly Pockets (they're not pocket-sized anymore; what's that about?) must not have kids that play with the new Pollys, 'cause they're SO hard to contain.
Awesome idea. Thanks SO much.