Monday, April 20, 2009

Gestationally Speaking: A Baby Party

This whole thing started out accidentally. You see, Saturday we got together to have some pictures taken as a Mother's Day gift for my 91 year old grandmother. The woman taking the photos, lovely but not a professional, did the best that she could. However, I was really hoping that she could take some nice end of pregnancy pictures of my sister with her daughters. She did.

They didn't turn out so well.

My sister called on Saturday evening inquiring on the photo quality. I told her I wasn't happy with the end of pregnancy photos and since Hubs was working all day on Sunday, K- and I could come out after church for an Aunt Amy re-do. She was cool with that. You see, my sisters original want at the end of her pregnancy was to have a pregnancy mask of her stomach made. She wanted me to do it and as much as I love pregnant women and the children they spend 9ish months gestating, I admit that it is still too up close and personal to something that I never got to finish. Photos were hands off. I can do that.

After church, K- and I were off. After all, the girls had dropped this off for us a few weeks ago. How could we decline?

The girls wanted a baby party. They wanted to do something cool to celebrate the impending arrival of "Baby Pine Cone."

So, before the real pictures started, the Goodyear blimp was out again (as it will be probably daily from now through October-- it really does make its rounds as my sister lives 20 minutes away), so I made my sister run out and stand in the yard. Why? Because I wanted to take a photo called, "See! I'm not as big as the blimp!" She took it in good humor and said sure!

The girls were busy getting a ride on the trailer of their lawn tractor.

The photo I'm most happy with is this one. This captures my sister perfectly. Bless her surprised pregnant heart. I think that she'll be happy, too. While outside, I got lovely photos of her pregnant belly, her with her children, the kids hanging in the daffodil patch and on climbing on the downed tree. They had such a great time! My sister thought it would be fun for the kids to paint the outer shell of Baby Pine Cone's habitat. K- is off to the left in the swirly multi colored shirt. J- is the other noggin.
They were painting with some face paint that I had stowed away. The one in the pink Barbie hat? That would be my sister's oldest child, C-.
Even my sister's partner got in on the fun. He decided that he would paint in the left over spots after the kids had their fun.

Their master piece?
Voila! And that little brownish thing off to the bottom right? That would be a "Baby Pine Cone" with eyes and everything! Hey, you can only do so much with Q-Tips and face paint!

The kids had a good time. My sister was able to have a nice bonding time with the kids about "Baby Pine Cone" and K- got to get in on the action, too. I think that it was a successful baby party.

And yes, she realizes that I'm sharing these photos with the whole group of 5 of you that read the blog! :)


Rach said...

Your sister is a good sport. :o) The photos are WONDERFUL and when Baby Pine Cone arrives and is older, it will LOVE to see how well its home was decorated. (Gee I hate calling babies "it".)

So happy fun was had by all. :o)

Jamie said...

Your sister is glowingly beautiful. It looks as though she enjoyed having her belly painted and getting to relax for a little while.

You're a good sister for offering to do preg pix!

My sister painted my belly when I was prego with H, and she painted a squirrel. Seeing Baby Pine Cone on her belly reminded me of that.

Michelle said...

What a fun baby party! I'm sure the girls had a blast painting her belly :)