Friday, July 30, 2010

Haiku Friday: Growing tomatoes

Giant tomato,
Growing, spreading, attacking,
Guarding our door.
It should be said that I have since had to add another small tomato cage to the tower.  Yes, I have one extra large tomato cage and two smaller tomato cages cable tied together as a large tower to keep our Sun Golds happy.  As you can see from this photo taken about a week and a half ago, she is very happy.  It is loaded with so many tomatoes.  It is nice to go pick fresh tomatoes for K-'s summer camp lunch each morning. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Hubs got our light up in the kitchen.  Yes, I'll post pictures on Monday.  It is wonderful!
-  The last day of library group.  It was a fun time and I am glad that I pulled K- out of summer camp a little early to attend.  While she was upset at me at first (it was going to be her turn to go next for the game they were playing), but in the end, she was very pleased that we went.
-  A summer bridge tutor that gives us tips and hints and confirmation that K- is doing normal stuff (like getting b and d still slightly confused and belting out the rare letter backwards.) 
-  Giving my nephew his first actual true hair cut.  Little boy has gotten his bangs cut by me before, but I gave him a little boyish hair cut.  My sister was having a hard time letting go of the blond locks, but after the third time of having him called "her" this week, she decided that perhaps she should let me have at it.  He is the first little boy head of hair that I have cut and I don't think that considering that he was a moving target, I really didn't do a bad job.  LeAnne was pleased and that is all that truly matters.  That and L- definitely looks like a little boy now.  I probably trimmed at least 3" of hair off the back. 
-  Free movies from the library.  I lay down at night and watch them.  On deck I have Precious, Frost Nixon, a National Geographic program called Inside 9/11 and Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People.  (A PBS series.)  I watched Capote last week and loved it.  Because of a gift that was given to Hubs and me, we watched Clockwork Orange.  If you take that one for what it is worth-- an art flick-- you would be okay.  We were warned that it was a little out there and disturbing.  We can safely say that the purchaser of the gift was not at all aware that her gift was tied to such a film.  If she was, she would have never passed the gift along, nor had even purchased it in the first place.  I admit that throughout my 7 year run through art school, I'm more open to art flicks than the rest, so I didn't find it as unsettling as most others had. I went to too many film nights at school to see students work to be completely taken by surprise.  Sad, but true.  Add 7 years of more critiques than I can count.  Yup.  I'm a bit desensitized to shock value in art.  Still, watch that one with caution. 
-  My arm is feeling better.  It isn't completely better by any stretch, but I did sleep with a heating pad and my thumb brace on the right hand.  I took two Advil, which helped some, but not tons.  K- had a bad night though (she's eeked her back at school doing activities on the hard floor).  We don't know if she fell out of bed, had a nightmare or what, but she woke up in big distress.  At first we thought that she had been ill. (She hadn't been.  That one we could figure out.) None of us, including K-, can figure out precisely what happened, but we are hoping for a better night tonight. 
-  THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN!  Oh for the love that is all good and right, the temperatures are in the late seventies and that is glorious!  The windows are opened for the first time in weeks.  The air conditioner is thanking us for the break.  Mid-nineties here for a few weeks and we were just cooking.  The breeze.  The leaves rustling in the wind.  The clothes on the line that took a lot longer to dry today because I'm not completely used to the 20ish degree shift.  The humidity is at a human level.  Glorious.  Completely and utterly glorious.

Have a great weekend!

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Rach said...

Holy MOLY! That is one HAPPY Sungold plant! Mine withered and wilted and died in the heat. I just couldn't water them enough. I'm OVERJOYED you and Lissie have them, though! :o)

Hooray for windows open. We're about two months out from being able to do that again. :sigh: