Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Headband Containment

My containment system for K-'s headbands and sunglasses? A wide mouth mason jar. Sounds tacky, but it works. Just look! We have some headbands that are kind of obnoxious. Those boingy 4th of July stars and rabbit ears don't just fit anywhere. We also have some sunglasses that we didn't want to lose hold of. That box underneath? That would be the original containment system for K-'s hair things. I purchased that when she only had a wee bit o' peach fuzz.

A simple solution to this week's WFMW. Check back during the week of January 26-30 for my Bloggy Giveaway of a hair bow organization board. I made K-'s a year ago and we love it! Do you want more information on Bloggy Giveaways? Just click the button on my side bar.
An example of my Bloggy Giveaway. This is K-'s bow organization board in action. She has the smallest size, but we have crammed many, many hairbows onto it. The funny thing? I can hardly get her to wear hairbows! But, I'll be making one for the winner. I haven't decided what fabric. I'll probably make a bow to start the board out. Just know that this IS NOT the one that I'll be giving away. This is a prototype anyhow and I've tweaked things since then!

Have a great week!


Jamie said...

That is a great idea for the headbands. We have that exact 4th of July springy one too (x2). I use a bin without a lid in H's toy organizer. Not creative or pretty, but works. I like that hairbow board! I was having a hard time picturing it, but reminds me of a memory board. We don't have any hairbows like that anymore or I'd use it. We do have thousands of hairties.... maybe you can help me decide what to do with those!

Anonymous said...

Love the headband idea - I'm sitting here trying to think if I have a wide-neck jar that would work. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If only I had girls! Cute idea!