Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Remember, Velveeta isn't cheese.

I'm just sayin'.  Don't worry y'all.  Nachos will rock on.

ETA:  I stand corrected.  Apparently it is technically cheese.  It is not of cheese consistency and is shelf stable.  It is squishy and I once (in high school) ate an entire loaf of it in 2 days.  I can tell you that eating an entire loaf of shelf stable cheese-like food results in some pretty mean constipation.  I mean, I graduated in 1991 and still have vivid memories of the pain.  I haven't had the same relationship with Velveeta since then.  If you so desire, go forth and eat-- just do so with much digestive caution.


Rach said...

Ah, but *technically* it is. We watched a "How's it Made" on Velveeta. It's made from cheese scraps--all varieties.

It still frightens me, though.

Rach said...

Government cheese is off-brand Velveeta. We ate much of it as a child.

I'm good to have it with the Rotel and be done with it otherwise. As I said before--it still frightens me.