Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting ready for our storm.

We're supposed to have 8-12" of snow today.  By Saturday, we're supposed to have 19"+ on the ground.  Hubs returned to work today after being off on vacation time.  I get to greet the Christmas Sale crowds (ugh) and then we are to be slammed late this morning and on through this evening.

I'd rather be hanging out at home.

Hubs thought I was ridiculous to pack him a bag with a blanket, water, gatorade, foil packs of tuna, granola bars, fleece pants, a sweatshirt and wool socks.  Oh, and because he's been suffering with a cold, I sent him with a box of Puffs and a disposal bag.  He also has a little shovel with him.  The road out to where he works was shut down and blocked for an obscene number of hours (as in overnight +) so that particular stretch of road doesn't have a real good track record.

My MIL has asked that K stay over so that we don't have to worry about going out to get her.  K has her bag packed, her doll's bag packed, an extra blanket and pillow (she got yesterday) as well as a doll bed and a doll barber chair.  Methinks she packed a lil heavy.

As for me, I work just up the road.  I'm blessed to work for people who will and have sent us home early.  If it is getting ugly, they will send us home.  I'm looking forward to that today.

I've gassed up both cars.  Hubs is in front wheel drive and I have 4 wheel drive.  We'll be okay.  It's the driving of everyone else that concerns me.

We pray that everyone remains safe.  For now, we're under a Winter Weather Advisory.  Up towards the lake, they are under Blizzard warnings because of wind.  Who knows what this will really hold?

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Rach said...

Keep me posted, okay? Prayers for safe trip home for M.