Saturday, December 22, 2012

A birthday, a new car, parties, snow, the collapse and more!

We celebrated K's 9th birthday on Thursday.  The previous weekend, we had a sleep over so that she could celebrate with her friends.  Little girl is growing up.  I had her stand next to her growth chart and she is 56" tall.  At 10 1/2, she'll officially be as tall as me.  Bless her heart.

We had family over for filled cupcakes, brownies, chocolate covered pretzel ice cream and party cake ice cream.  I mean, how could you go wrong with those choices?  Needless to say, she had delightful gifts given to her, too.  Lego Friends are a big hit, though we have two bodies in the box and one head. I'm going to have to e-mail them about that.  She wanted Kids Bop, so I picked that up for my mom along with a Spirograph.  I mean, how could you go wrong with a Spirograph?  She also received the movie Brave, a stuffed puppy and a book.  We added to her Webkinz collection, gave her an American Girl sewing kit that she wanted (clearance at Target!) and a Hello Kitty MP3 player (clearance at Target.)

Before we had K's celebration, we plunked her onto the bus with a cake container full of brownies and headed off to buy Hubs a new car.  We had made the deal on Sunday, left a locator deposit and were on the wait for the arrival.  What did we buy him?  He chose a standard shift 2013 Black Toyota Yaris.  It gets 38 MPG and when I wash it, I can reach the roof without standing on anything!  We call her the Barbie car because she is rather petite.  He loves it and I appreciate him and his decision to purchase something that is more practical and cost conscious.

We got snow yesterday!  Of course, being the first snowstorm of the year, they predicted Armageddon. They had crawls on the TV not to go out until after the advisories had lifted and things of that sort.  Really?  In fact, K is so excited right now since she is dressing to go roll around in the 2 or 3" of snow.

Yesterday was K's classroom Christmas party.  I made Rachael's baking soda/cornstarch and water ornaments.  I made 32 stars and baked them for 2 1/2 hours at 170 degrees.  The ornaments were a hit!  The kids loved them and I purchased styrofoam bowls for them to take the ornaments home in.  We stapled the bowls together to make a container to take a wet ornament home in without wearing the glitter, glue and other things that were stuck to them.  We had a delightful buffet of snacks, even though no one could tell me that they were sending anything in.  I was kind of sweating that one.  It all worked out okay.  Hubs came to volunteer with me and the teacher was thrilled.  We don't see that many dads at our school.  We had another mom who was able to come to help.  She has a great boss who allowed her to cruise on in to help.  I thought that the ornaments would take far longer than they did, then I realized that we had a half hour left.  I did my "unhang man" AKA building a drawing of something other than a guy hanging.  I drew a snowman, a Christmas tree and Santa.  The kids dug it.  We only got the wiggly widgets the last 5 minutes, so I call that a success.

I came home from the party, drew myself a bath, put on my pajamas and hopped into bed.  We had no obligations last night and I was beyond dog tired.  I had run for two weeks straight without stopping, having multiple meetings, breakfasts, work, other school obligations and such.  I knew that we could all take a quiet night and kick back and rest.  I ended up taking a nap (which I never do) and the fell asleep at 10 and slept all night long.  Hubs commented this morning how I was "dead to the world" and must have been beyond tired.  He said that the ADD keeps me spinning and the fact that I was down and resting kind of threw him.  I wasn't sick, but I was pretty convinced that if I didn't stop, I would be.  I needed to listen to my body and listen I did.  He chose to work out last night and K decided to watch the movie Brave three times in a row.  We aren't big with TV with her and doing that is a very rare thing, but she's been exhausted, too.  Kiddo needed to decompress, so she rested, played with her dollhouse in the middle of the living room floor and loved the quiet time to herself.

Today is Happy Home Day!  Today is the day that we celebrate that K came to be with us.  (Most people call it Gotcha Day, but that title doesn't ring real well with me.  I wanted something more meaningful to us and a little less slang.) We like to take her to see Christmas lights on the evening of Happy Home Day.  There have only been a few years that we've missed it, but we always like to do something special with her.  (One year had the stomach flu and last year we had no lights where we usually go.)  We'll have fun this evening for sure!

Having spent every single day at the school this week, I can tell you that our procedures for different things have been tweaked all week.  The tweaking is definitely a good thing and everyone seems to be fairly obedient about it.  I texted my PTA peeps to let them know that they needed to print badges as well as wear their lanyards, we needed to give specific whereabouts to the office and are absolutely under no circumstance to let anyone in at all.  (We already knew most of those things, but it didn't hurt to reiterate.)

I have to jog out to the land o' retail madness today.  For those who speak with me by phone, they will be thrilled to know that Santa (my parents in this case) will be gifting us a new cordless phone!  The phone system was a hand-me-down from the neighbor and it has gotten so beyond that it doesn't beep when the battery is low anymore.  It just hangs up.  People know that I will call them back, but still  . . .

K is out shoveling snow from the neighbors drive.  She is moving snow to probably make herself a mini sledding hill.  She loves playing in snow more than I can even express.  There is more coming basically everyday.  To her, that is the greatest gift.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Rach said...

It sounds as if you've had a number of wonderful days! I'm insanely jealous of that snow, you lucky things! :o)

I know you were insanely busy, and now that Christmas is almost here, you can hopefully begin to settle down.