Monday, February 13, 2012

The romantic getaway that wasn't.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary tomorrow.  Back in October, I reserved a rather grand room for us at our favorite inn in Amish Country.  K- was going to be spending the night at my sister's house.  The child had been trying to pack her bag for 3 days. 

Then Saturday morning came.  When it came, it involved vomit.  When vomit is involved, plans are cancelled.  That was 7 AM, I booted the computer up, got the number for the inn and I crossed my fingers. 

"Ma'am, I'm aware that you have a 24 hour cancellation policy and while I wouldn't be mad at all, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to call you.  My daughter woke up this morning and now is vomiting." 

"Ma'am, I'd be happy to cancel that for you and waive all the fees." 

Y'all, if that was the Holiday Inn or some other corporate big box, they could care less.  It pays to make reservations with the mom and pop. 

She seemed to be feeling better, so we decided to do an Amish Country drive thru.  K- was doing well and came into one of the stores with us.  We Purelled her from top to bottom before she did.  We had lunch, cruised along to stores that Hubs or I poked in and out of, and K- hung out in the car.  (Her choice.)  We got home, all seemed well, bedtime came and so did another hour of intense illness. 

Poor kid.

Hubs complimented my insisting we cancel. 

We skipped church again this week, but I did toodle on out to get some more supplies for some homemade chicken soup.  I cooked most of the day between the soup and trying my hand at homemade tapioca. The tapioca came out way better than my first attempt 14 years ago, but it is a little thick and I ended up dropping some cinnamon in it, so it tastes like rice pudding now, but it's all good.

While we were in Amish Country, Hubs bought me an anniversary gift.  What is it?  He bought me these.  I told him that ever the romantic, 15 years must be the wool anniversary.  He told me that it was better than my 10 year rock tumbler.  ;)

K- is holding up.  I think that now, she is suffering more from eating anxiety rather than a full stomach ache.  Hubs thinks that she is still rocking stomach pings (I do agree to an extent) as he thinks that he has been suffering from the same thing. 

We'll reschedule our getaway.  His time off on Saturdays don't come by that often.  He gets maybe a free Saturday once a season.  The importance is the quality of our marriage, not whether we were able to go on a romantic getaway or my husband's thoughtfulness in making sure that my metatarsals are kept nice and warm. 

We're here.  We're together.  It's all good.  Anything over and above that sometimes is purely bonus.


Susan said...

Hello, I'm your reader in Zurich with the big ol' bag :-) Happy Anniversary!

Maybe I found your blog because deep down I felt you were a gal who appreciated a good pair of warm socks -- I LOVE Smartwool!

Hope your girl feels better soon.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Never under estimate the power of a good pair of socks:)
Happiest of Anniversary's to you and the hubster!! I can't believe it's been 15 years.
I sure hope K is feeling better. The stomach ick is the worst. I always feel helpless when they get that.
Sorry your trip was cancelled. Hopefully you can reschedule sooner than it seems.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Hey Susan with the big ole bag and Janeen in the snow belt! I do certainly love me some good socks. Years ago, I posted on Works for Me Wednesday my sock organization. Hubs knows that not only do I love to wear good socks, but I take good care of them, too. Truly, it was very thoughtful and I am very thankful. Still made me laugh!

You'd be happy to know that K- has ditched her purgeful ways and is now on the school bus. A bus stop kid (in K-'s grade) ended up with the same thing. He went to spend the night at a friend's house and was quickly returned. It's going around!

Have a great day, ladies!

Rach said...

Oh no! Poor K!! Poor mom and dad. That vomiting bug sure has been making the rounds. Lil hasn't gotten it--yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've been there done that with Ellie.

Parenting takes priority right now. Boy do I know that.

15 years is amazing, and you can't have enough warm wool socks. I think it's a fabulous gift. :o) Hm. I don't think B and I usually get each other gifts, so socks would be more than welcome around here. :o)

I can't wait to hear about your trip whenever it gets rescheduled. You always have the best posts about visits to Amish country. :o)