Sunday, February 5, 2012

A low level kind of day.

K- woke up this morning not feeling terribly well.  As the morning wore on, I found that it was a combo of everything just dumping into one stressful heap.  We opted to stay at home and just be.

We decided to do our Valentines.  We almost always do Valentines during a snowstorm, but we're kind of free of those this year, so we had to embrace what we had.  K- had a "your day to choose" day on clothing and she was particularly surprised when she found that her kindergarten shirt from school still fits.  Kindergarten was two years ago.

While she was making her Valentines, I went to work at spiffing up the wooden Valentine decoration I've had for probably 10 years.  The lower hearts had faded to white.  I pulled off the bow, re-painted the hearts and glued the bow back on.  It's not my greatest paint job, but it looks so much better.

K- finished up her to and from, stamped the construction paper hearts with some Valentine stamps she had and I glued them onto these felt hearts I bought on clearance last year.  Voila.  Valentine crafting is done.  I'll put her Valentine treat bags together next Monday night.  I went to the local bread store and bought a couple of boxes of Ding Dongs to put in her bags.  We'll stick a nice Aunt Donna Valentine heart sticker on each one (she bought her a whole book) and pack them away in the bags and ready them to go.

The day brought K- to the point of wanting a nap.  Fine.  I'd like to take one, too.  "Mom, can you tuck me in?"  Absolutely.

In other news, I think I mentioned the loss of the big front tooth.  Here's the gap.

I was pleased to see a woodpecker at the suet feeder one day.

We'll be hitting the grocery when everyone is partying for the Super Bowl.  I really don't care about men running around in overly tight pants, chasing after a funny shaped leather ball.  No one we know has had a party in several years, so we'll press on as usual.  All is good. 

Anything interesting going on in your neck o' the woods?  Tell me.  I'd like to know!

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Rach said...

K, what a gorgeous job you've done on your Valentines! Your classmates are lucky to have such a thoughtful, artistic girl in their class. :o) I hope you're feeling better. Oh, and I LOVE the big ol' gap there in your teeth. Lily has managed to lose both her top teeth in three days. She has a MASSIVE hole where her teeth used to be. Ask your mommy to show you a picture if you get a chance. :o)

Amy, I think the hearts look fabulous. It beats the heck over the nothing we have going on on our front door. ;o)

We DO watch the ball game, but mostly for the commercials. :oP