Friday, September 30, 2011

Agony of the foot: The update.

I saw Dr. W today.  He and I had a fine discussion about my foot, the fact that the swelling and bruising have subsided nicely and the need to ditch the cast.  I talked with him about my job as display staff at a gallery, my need to do pretty intensive display here very shortly and his thoughts about me, my foot and a ladder.

:insert disapproving face:

I told him that my concern was that I am up and down stairs, up and down ladders and quite literally hanging from the ceiling and that standing on a ladder has me rocking right on the part of my foot that I broke.

:insert squinty face:

"Could I break this again?"

With no hesitation whatsoever, "Absolutely."  I asked if there was anything that I could put in my shoe to keep my foot from rolling and with a shake of his head and without hesitation in his voice, "No."

The bone breaks easily.  It needs a good 6-8 weeks to properly mend.  I was farmed off to the fine folks at radiology.  After the radiologist took my x-rays, she offered to take me back up to the office in a wheelchair. 

"So, it is still broken, huh?" 

:insert funky look:

"I know that you couldn't tell me if it was."

"Really, it isn't a problem for me to wheel you up there."

Mmm, hmm.

Dr. W said that the office would phone.  Phone they did.  "Alignment is still good, but nothing significant has changed.  Stay in the boot.  The doctor wants to see you back in 4 weeks." 

October 28th it is.  I'm not disappointed.  I'm one who would rather do what we need to do and do it right the first time.  When Dr. W was talking, "Well, it is either the boot or orthopedics," I stopped and said, "Really?  Orthopedics?"  He chuckled and told me that it was far down his list.  Very far.  Good.  Let's keep it that way.  Until October 28th or later, we're still bootin'.

Smiles in my day:
-  Having an in-depth discussion with Dr. W about the blood clotting disorders, how the MTHFR that I test for is really not anything that effects anything other than making sure that the cholesterol is tended to and kick in a baby aspirin if I want.  I told him that I've been doing that, along with a prenatal vitamin for the extra vitamin requirements.  He was pleased and I'm glad that we got to discuss it in full and be done with it.
-  Having a good talk with K-'s teacher today and a lot of updates on testing that was done. 

I've had a pretty intense past few weeks.  Gosh, I'm tired.  Perhaps the stress will lift soon.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Well spoot on the foot front. I was hoping for more improvement than that as I know the Holiday Decorating Season is shortly to be upon you. Eep!

I'm also glad you had a good talk with Dr. W--I'm sure you feel loads better now that that is off your back.

I hope things slow down a bit for you soon. Hang in there!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Unfortunately, it is at an increasing full speed ahead from now until the new year. However, I'm going to be pacing myself and doing something I don't do well-- asking for help. I'm fortunate to work with some wonderful people that instead of giving me the literal boot, they are pulling together to do what we need to do to get my big ole Christmas display season taken care of in the time frame given.

:deep breath:

And to think, I was going to finish the kitchen painting and whatnot in October. I need to stop scheduling it in. I think that is what is sabotaging my foot recovery. Yup. That's it. It isn't me not slowing down and having a tough to heal break at all. Mmm, hmm.