Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flaming styrofoam and other weekend tales.

On Saturday, the alarm went off at 6:45 AM.   Hubs thought I was crazy, but I was a woman with a plan.  We were going to Amish Country for the day and I knew that we needed to get there before the buses.  We got out the door at 8:10 AM, arrived at the first destination at 9:10 AM (I have a heavy foot) and were pleased that we were shopping amongst the locals and Amish only.  Tourists hadn't arrived! 

After stocking up on a variety of bulk items, we went down the street to the chocolate factory.  K- wanted to get chocolates for both her teacher and her Kindergarten teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.  (Yes, I realize now it was last week, but there was nothing sent home about it and I thought it was this week.  Mrs. S- will get her daily surprises this week.  Better than nothing, right?!)  Both ladies will be getting a small box of hand picked and handmade chocolates. 

We had just a little bit of time to kill while waiting for the restaurant (it's a delicate time balance), so we ran into the little shop across the street.  We scored two more Japanese erasers for K-, then it was time for lunch.  (Brunch sounds different than what we had.)  We were able to take advantage of their breakfast buffet and the salad bar.  Believe me, the Amish restaurant we go to is wonderful and two full bars of Amish goodness is like angels singing to you when you come into the door.  Hubs decided to break away from his usual boring diet and he ate.  And ate.  And ate.  His digestive wellness is begging to differ today.  The later mentioned flaming styrofoam and 4 steam burns speaks of how Hubs falls to pieces when he isn't feeling well.

We stopped a few other places, then went on to the Wilderness Center for some warbling.  (What I call it.  The Warblers are migrating and you can get some good birding in.)  When we arrived, we discovered that they were having a native plant sale, so I had to support them.  :insert twisting arm:  I purchased Blazing Star, Cup Plant and Aster.  We did some lovely birding right from their viewing area.  Hubs was impressed that I saw a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, which is not commonly seen in our area. 

Hubs and K- were kind enough, on a second night, to come to church to help me bang out the VBS road sign.  The logo was easier than in previous years, and I admit that I skipped the additional wording included.  We were able to get it done in two nights, which is amazingly fast.  What a wonderful thing to have that done!  All the other years took a lot longer.  Like this one.  Yes, I'll take a photo once it hits the lawn. 

Mother's Day started leisurely.  Hubs and K- brought me gifts and breakfast in bed.  We went birding instead of going to church.  (We were in a quiet place that God made.)  I had a thrift store coupon, so we cruised by there.  (I got some lovely shirts.)  We made it home in enough time for everyone to have lunch, I made taco meat and plunked that in the crock-pot, then we shuttled off to the soccer field!  It was while I was making lunch that Hubs yells, "Amy!" in a way that says I did something wrong.  I looked over and saw flames in the microwave.  He was cooking Boca burgers, got one package of Amish cookies out of the microwave, but not the other and the styrofoam actually caught on fire.  Flames.  He took the flaming cookies out and pitched them into the drive.  I walked out with the flaming glass portion of the lazy susan and got it out outside.  I should add that I store cookies in the microwave sometimes to keep them out of sight of K- because she would beg for them all the time. 

Hubs was so upset that they didn't cancel soccer on Mother's Day and he couldn't believe that they scheduled pictures to boot!  Because the ball bounced off of her and into the goal, K- accidentally scored a point for the other team.  Oops! 

We ran home to have dinner, ran to the store to get a few things and stopped by my mom's house.  (MIL was out of town.  We'll be Mother's Daying on Tuesday.) 

That brings me to now.  I have a pile of laundry on the bed to fold as I watch Celebrity Apprentice.  Excuse me, as we all know that though Mother's Day is a celebration of mothers, it certainly doesn't mean that the laundry is going to do itself. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Oh how I desperately wish we had an Amish country to visit. Your day sounds heavenly!

I can't believe you already have the VBS sign finished!! That's some kind of new record for sure. :o)

The styrofoam? Yeah, not such a good thing, but possibly one of those stories you and Hubs chuckle about in the years to come.

My nephew skipped a football game yesterday so he could be with his family. I wonder why they scheduled events on Mother's Day. Do you think no one considered it when making the schedule? Hm.

Laundry? That's for today. Joy.