Monday, April 12, 2010

My to do list only gets longer.

Do you have a to do list? I have a mental one. Sometimes it gets logged into the calendar in my phone. It seems that for every entry, it has a surprise twin and something sneaks around the corner and says, "SURPRISE! You have to deal with me, too."

Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly happy to have things to do. I don't sit idle very well.

I decided to go outside and water the new lily transplant splits from earlier on in the week. As I was watering, I was taking stock of everything else that has come up. (And I just remembered that I must go water where I planted snap peas.)

Folks, my beds haven't been cleared out yet. We're zone 5, so you don't put your snow shovel away until tax day. I'm really not that behind, but goodness. The periwinkle has spread nicely, though it seems as if it has take a billion years to do so. The Lily of the Valley is up and very happy. The Rose of Sharon that I lost all faith in, seemed to just sit latent for a few years and boom! There it is. I can't believe how big it is! I have pickable parsley and sage. The butterfly bushes, only by the Grace of God, made it through our major winter nastiness and have leafed out on old wood. After a particularly harsh previous winter, I cut them back to the ground last year, so perhaps it was the new growth that carried over that kept it humming along. I have an adopted Hyssop. It was a cast off from a show at work last fall. The display person asked me if I wanted it and of course I said, "Sure!" When I went to leave, I found that he had squirreled it away behind my back tire so that I would see it, but it wouldn't be damaged or lifted by anyone else.

So I have the beds to deal with, a new raised garden bed to set, my garden window needs a complete strip down and re-do, my seedlings long ago needed transplanted and there is still more!

I have paint for my kitchen. I've had it since last summer. I am going to tackle the kitchen this spring/summer. I'm going to do a poor man's re-do, but it'll work out just fine. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with the back splash. Actually, I'm not having a hard time. I know exactly what I want to purchase. I want glass tile. I don't have to have glass tile, but I want glass tile. I haven't decided if I want to tile the full area between the counter and under the cabinet, or if I want to run a back splash type thing around the top of the entire counter top and to make bigger areas of tile behind the stove and sink. Since it comes in preset sheets, I don't think it would be terrible to install. You might ask, "How much tile have you ever installed?"

"Um, none." Isn't that what Home Depot/Lowe's Workshops are for?

I still need to make more work to submit for the staff show. The deadline is April 16. Do I have any additional work done? No.

I still have a small pile in the basement of things that need to be dispensed of.

I need to run through K-'s drawers and flip seasons and sizes.

I need to run through my drawers and flip things that aren't working anymore.

I need to paint the VBS double sided road sign.

I need to continue to attend Community Building meetings for K-'s soon-to-be-rebuilt school.

I need to contact the summer tutor that we'd like K- to see to keep her on track and advancing in reading.

We need to bite the bullet soon and order a new play set for K-. The old metal swing set is sufferin' succotash.

I need to weed the driveway.

I need to replant sections of the front yard where Brandy, Mike's dog, has peed all winter long and killed the grass. She's taken out 1/4 of the tree lawn and a 1 foot by probably 25' strip down along the side yard. Mike is so kind that we would never say anything to him. Believe me, he feels horrible every year he sees that we've had to replant.

I need to strip the curtains and blinds from the windows and clean them.

I still need woodwork in several of my rooms, but I can't deal with that one. I just have to bat my eyelashes at Hubs. Don't worry. I have very long eyelashes. He won't miss the batting.

I'm a VBS volunteer, but I tend to get a miscellaneous work load, so I don't know what I need to handle quite yet.

Don't worry. You'll never hear me say, "I'm bored."

Smiles in my weekend:
- Hubs scrubbed the living room and hall carpet. It needed it in more ways than I can tell you.
- Falling asleep sitting up and Hubs poking me to go to bed.
- Accidentally finding my great grandfather's "Certificate of Arrival" online. He was from Poland, but he came to the states from Germany. He arrived in Baltimore in 1913. It was just something fun I found. Makes me want to call Uncle Walter to find out more.
- K- trying to teach me how to count in Spanish.
- The sergeant in charge of the crossing guards, school crossings, school zone camera ticketing . . . (basically, anything school zone wise) called me Sunday evening at 8:30 PM to discuss the disruption of crossing that we're anticipating. I guess that I put a bee in the bonnet of the city, as it doesn't sound as if folks gave this disrupted school crossing the thought and consideration that it really should have had prior to closing the road. Another thing added to my to do list. I'll be working back and forth with the sergeant to make certain that the area is secure for children to cross safely.

Have a great day!

Here's the sign from last year.


Rach said...

Ahhhh. I see you are where I was three weeks ago when the spring fever and the nesting intermingled to create one big fat mess of a to-do list. :oP My list is still long, but I got most of the major things out of the way.

Today's list is:
*grocery--the redid my favorite store (it was sold to a new company--boo hoo hoo) and it reopens today
*kitchen, including cleaning the fridge and freezer (need room for br*east milk storage)
*FMLA paperwork
*trip to the library

OY! :oP

I can't wait to see pictures of all the lovelies in your yard. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Um, you remember that you are about a week out from having the lovely Bean, yes? Must not overdo, my dear!

Hint hint with the lovelies in the yard? ;) Soon. I'll put you on the list!

Rach said...

yes, yes, I know. :oP But, if I can walk her out, I'ma gonna! ;o)

Melissa said...

What is a VBS road sign?

Bailey's Leaf said...

The sign? I edited the post and added it on. I thought I had posted it previously, but can't find where!

14 hours worth of painting! (Remember, it is double sided, so where I needed to just tweak the lettering, I had to paint that logo twice!)