Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: Excuse me, Ma'am?


I know that the kids were excited when you found me huddled in a nice, wet pile of leaves under the butterfly bush.  Your daughter even let her container of rolly-pollys go so that you could capture me in this lovely acrylic box.  :insert sarcasm:

Do you have any idea what this box has been like?  Oh, let me share the joy with you.

First, I find out that you guys were going to move me to be the new "Bubba" at the man made pond across the street.  A heron ate Bubba and D- and G- are sad that he and his songs are gone.  Then, you decide not to take me there since you found out that D- is going to be shocking the pond with chemicals to get rid of the lovely layer of pond scum that has developed on the top. 

Your daughter wanted to show me off.  That's a good thing.  Nature in your yard is a very good thing.  But wait!  I wasn't nature in your yard anymore!  I was nature in a box.  On a hot day.  In the sun.  With no water!  ARGH! 

Do you know what two little girls can do to a frog like me?  Well, they were kind enough not to touch me.  They left me in the box.  Still, little girls get excited and spin around a lot.  :urp:  I nearly lost my last meal.  Whew.  Traveling by means of little girl frightens me.  Please don't let that happen again. 

The sad thing?  You found another friend just the day before.  Rinse and repeat.  Poor Toadie had the same hand dealt.  He was happily living under the thyme plant before he was captured. 

Please Ma'am, please don't hand us off to your 7 year old again.  Please just let her enjoy us in nature.  They don't make happy pills for us. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Mr. Frog

Smiles in my weekend:
-  Lots of gardening was done.  Hubs made me a 4 x 8 garden plot to make up for the bigger one that he plunked the shed down on top of.  It is a nice, manageable area for our little plot o' earth and I'm so excited about it.
-  We worked hard and Mrs. S- informed me this morning that K- got a 100% on her math test.  It was on counting money and number sequencing.  She told me that K- was one of the very few to get 100%.  She knew how hard we worked for that grade and I was thrilled to hear it.
-  UGH!  I forgot to review K-'s vocabulary with her for her test, but apparently, she aced it.  She said that she was given the opportunity to have a second crack at a few words (she didn't say them wrong, she just didn't say them.)  She said that she got all of them.  In light of the math grade, I was feeling good, but then I realized I completely forgot the vocabulary!  She forgave me.  Sheesh.
-  Rain to dampen the seeds that I planted.  I only dropped in collard greens (for our iguana), onion sets and potatoes, but good spring rain is what they need. 

Have a great day!

Note:  No amphibians (the gentle correction was appreciated, Rachael!) were harmed in the making of this post.  They may have been shaken.  They may have been stirred.  Within an hour or a few from capture, they were released back to the great outdoors.  Toadie was returned to his home at the thyme plant and Mr. Frog made a break for it at the neighbor's house with K- opened the container.  Hop like the wind, Mr. Frog!  Hop like the wind!


Rach said...

Oh my goodness! LOLOLOLOL!!

This was WONDERFUL, Amy! :o) How thrilling to find amphibians while working outside. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

No reptile-- amphibian. Meant to check that. Could have asked hubs. Thanks for helping me out with that! :)