Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three snow days and you're out!

To specify, they call them "Calamity Days" now so that they can be used for a ton of different things.  Still, we used to have 5.  I heard that it was the hair brained governor's idea (Strickland, the previous) to knock it down to 3, have us make up for anything more AND extend the school year by basically two weeks on top of it. 

I'm all for education.  Extending the school year?  Well, we could live with that.  I like my kid to learn.  I like a summer, but education is important.

I do say, "Take your hands off the snow days."  Why?  Well, because the governor lives in the middle of the state.  The state of Ohio should be divided into North Ohio and South Ohio, much like the Dakotas.  In the northern half of the state, we have charming bodies of water called The Great Lakes.  Those lovely lakes give lake-effect snow.   We've all learned to live with it.  Occasionally, though, it gets really bad.  The southern part of the state does get snow, but isn't nearly as slammed as the north.  Perhaps the new governor that I have absolutely no faith in at all can fix it. 

Side note:  I hope that Governor Kasich proves me wrong. 

So, I'm sitting here watching it snow rather heavily.  Today shouldn't have been a snow day, but what if there are days that should be?  Districts will be out of days (I know that there are some, probably including you Janeen!) and then they'll have to make up on Saturdays, spring break and at the end of the year.  We shouldn't have kids in danger. 

To that we say, "Stinkola."

What is your state/area snow day policy?  Are you in a place that three flakes fall and the state shuts down?  Ooooo!  We laugh at that!  Whooo-boy, I was caught behind someone with Virginia plates yesterday (yes, Rachael, I thought of stories from your state) and my, oh, my-- they couldn't handle the wet roadway to save their life.  Finally, they pulled off. 

I love snow.  I love driving in snow.  I'd prefer to drive in snow than in rain any day. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Day 2 of inventory is over.
-  Watching the guys across the street from the gallery carving ice sculptures in their front yard.  It was pretty cool, even if I was supposed to be counting.
-  One, two, three, five . . .
-  K- is doing the finishing touches on her PTA Reflections art submission.  "Now, Mom, this IS a work of art!"  Bless her heart.  She's worked hard on it.  She did break away from the gene pool on that one.  I love it because she made it all herself and it is wonderful, but I don't know that it will be a prize winning work.  We talked about submitting and not everything wins.  "That's okay, Mom!" 
-  Advil.

Have a wonderful day!


Rach said...

LOL! We should break Virginia into parts as well. The western part of the state gets smacked, and smacked hard, rather frequently (not like y'all with your Lake Effect snow, but still). The eastern part gets nada for the most part. People freak. It's terrifying for those of us who DO know how to drive in snow. :sigh:

Snow days? It's left up to the school division. When I taught in NNPS, we missed a WEEK for Hurricane Isabel, and then had a hard-ish winter. We had Saturday school, extended day, AND we lost all holidays and workdays. Ugh!

Montgomery County, on the other hand, starts school well before Labor Day (I'll explain the King's Dominion Law to you if you like), and then go well into June (think the 17th) most of the time. Sure, they build in something like five days, but then, you use them all and then some (think BHS roof collapse last year) and well, you have to make them up somehow. Mont. Co. doesn't do Saturday school, thank goodness.

As a teacher, I can tell you Saturday school is absolutely worthless. WORTHLESS. GRRRRR. It is nothing but free babysitting for parents. You can't teach, you can't get anything accomplished. The kids are squirrely, and quite frankly, NO ONE wants to be there. Period.

Extended days are pretty icky as well. :shudder: Hm. I'm SO happy I'm no longer working, lol!

Here in the Eastern part of the state, we have three days built in and we RARELY use them. They start chipping away at Spring Break and other holidays as needed to get the kids out before the middle of June--here it's just too darn hot to have kids in school that late.

So, you asked for an essay, right? ;o) Sorry to hijack the comments.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Amen, sister, Amen! We could have probably used a snow day today. Even though we're due to get 6-8 more inches of snow by tonight, I'm hoping that pick up is better.
We used our 3 days already. Unless snowmagedon happens we probably won't get another snow day. My son said the rumor at school is only if the power goes out. NICE. Thanks Gov. Strickland (bum). I'm hoping the new Gov changes is back.
Stay safe out there!!