Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've tried to behave.

Y'all, I've been battling the biggest case of PMS known to man.  I know, I know, it's far more than you wanted to know, but we keep it real here at the blog of Bailey's Leaf.  Besides, most of you who read this are still in that zone of life, so I know that you have a bit of sympathy there for it.

I've also had inventory.

I hate inventory. 

Numbers aren't my happy place to be. 

I survived three days of inventory and the girl who worked with me was still laughing at the end.  That's good!  One year I bawled, was called into the office (I was pregnant, so give me a little on that one) and one year I had to leave on a Friday because I had a horrible migraine that wouldn't leave me.

See, inventory is not a shining time in my life.

On a completely different subject, my husband is steaming broccoli and my house utterly stinks.  Even my Amaryllis and something-or-another candle from Root can't kill the smell.  Just sayin'.  The world of Bailey's Leaf is full of PMS, accompanying accoutrement and stinkin' steamin' broccoli.  Oh, don't you wish you were here?  Just think of what the postcards would look like.  Let's think about that one:

-  Snowy blanket outside.  Check.
-  Light flurries.  Check.
-  Toasty looking house with smoke coming out of the stack?  Check.
-  Crazy curly headed girl with PMS inside of a stinkin' house while wearing polka dotted black fleece jammies?  Check.

See, it is that sweet picture of America that you'd like to share with everyone! 

If you are out of state, never mind trying to navigate our roads.  We'd just prefer to pick you up.  Slipping and sliding all over the place while wearing out of state tags on your car make us just a hair crazy.  Really, let us handle the driving.

Perhaps by the time you get here, my house will have aired out.

Smiles in my day:
-  Fantasizing about going up and down the road with a sled.  "Too bad we don't have a truck," my co-worker said.  "Um, I do.  I have 4 wheel drive and a hitch."  My sled was at home, though.  Was it a safe thought?  No, but it was fun thinking about it.  Don't worry.  My husband would have killed me.
-  The fact that my mom got mad at me for taking K- to school today.  "I hope that you didn't take her to school!"  "Um, why not?"  "Well, with all this snow I! wouldn't!"  I understand Mom's concern.  She used to drive through white outs to get us because my sister was once on a school bus that slid into a ditch.  She needs to remember that I'm K-'s transportation in.  We didn't walk this week because of inventory and the aforementioned condition of being, so we were good.  Still, the fact that Mom still cares warms my heart.
-  Giant Eagle gave me my Lipitor today for no co-pay.  I have no idea as to why, but thank you, Big Bird!
-  Inventory is complete for the year 2011.   Hooray!
-  The new bed sheets arrived today from LL Bean.  We received a gift card for Christmas, so I treated us to some "ultra soft flannel bedding."  I have one set of flannel sheets.  I really wanted to have another since it was a wash-dry-and-remake-the-bed-at-night kind of thing.  Very nice.  I'm excited to change the bed tomorrow! 
-  Since the snow was so bad today, Hubs ended up coming home from work early so that he could get K- from school.  He has to make that time up, but he said that there was no use in us losing money by me taking off when he can just as easily make it up a bit here and a bit there.  So kind and thoughtful of him. 
-  I read this on Yahoo and laughed.  Okay, we aren't Cleveland, but we're about 45 minutes away.  Still, it gives you an idea of the snow. 

Have a great day!

ETA:  I just read about this.  49 of 50 states with snow?  Wow.

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Rach said...

I feel ya, sister. You know I do.

Hang in there, the stench shall pass. Besides, bright side? Hubs is doin' the cooking, right? ;o)

Oh, the snow. I love snow driving (notsomuch ice driving), but REFUSE to do it here. It's a matter of risking life and limb to do so...I get what you're saying about the out of staters. Ugh.

Inventory is almost over. Hang in there.