Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barnes & Noble has some issues.

I found this as I was reading today.  Frankly, as a result of the issues that I came across with the free ship weekend that they had, I wasn't at all surprised.

When Barnes & Noble had their free ship weekend, I placed three different orders.  I mean, I kept finding more things!  When it came time to actually receive the items, I kept getting e-mails from Barnes & Noble.  Things were delayed.  Things were out of stock.  Then, things were canceled.

The four books that they canceled?  They were two different gifts for Christmas.  I e-mailed them to ask if they could flip me a free ship coupon code to make up for their lack of being able to deliver that which they promised.

I heard nothing.

Really, I didn't think that my request was that unreasonable.

Then, you would have thought that they would ship pieces of the order together.  Generally, almost every single piece of the three orders that were received came separately.

I don't think that sounds very financially sound, nor is it that environmentally helpful, though they do use small corrugated  wrappers on the books.  Still . . .

I hope the best for Barnes & Noble, but know that I certainly will not be purchasing from them online ever again.  It was just too disappointing an experience to want to repeat again.

Post number 2 for today.  Read on, my friends!

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Rach said...

Huh. I know I've had nothing but excellent service from them when I ordered online. I remember reading you had some issues, though. You are right, not financially sound of them at all.