Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A smidgen of this and a dash of that.

A miscellaneous post, that is. Amelia Bedelia would be proud, though.

Since my wonderful bosses decided to give us a lovely PAID! holiday on Monday, I've decided to send Hubs and K- off on the boat and I'm going to paint. I'll start scrubbing the walls and cabinets on Thursday. I haven't needed to scrub the walls in the other rooms (the bathroom was stripped of wallpaper, so that one doesn't count). We don't smoke, so it was never a problem, but the kitchen is the kitchen. The walls need scrubbed. My friend Heather is on stand-by with tools and tile stuff to help me to install a back splash whenever that day comes.

Barnes & Noble has made me irritated. First, I got two e-mails that they canceled two of the books that I ordered. Though they are still listed on the website as available, they aren't. Of course, they were ordered during free ship weekend and now they don't have free ship available any longer. That means that to replace that gift, I'll need to pay shipping. No thank you. I e-mailed and asked for a free ship coupon because of their inability to ship something listed for sale and I've heard nothing. Today's e-mail? One of my items is on a 30 day extension because it is not available right now. I have one more order that I haven't heard about. (Yes, I placed three orders during free ship weekend but I only spent about $55.00 and quite a few of those are gifts. Some are reading incentive books for K-.) Has anyone else experienced similar issues with Barnes & Noble online?

Oh, sweet heavens! The windows are open for the FIRST TIME! in weeks! I'm excited to sleep with the windows open. I'm thrilled to have freshish air flowing through our home. I'm happy to give the box a break. I'm happy that the humidity isn't such that the air is raining as you walk through it.

I need to return some sandals to Land's End. Hubs' mom bought them and K- has only worn them about a month. The pink over coating on the sandal near the strap openings is coming off. This past winter, I had to return a dress that K- wore once and the entire sleeve cuff was coming unraveled. They did so happily and apologetically. I expect that they'll do the same this time, too.

Another story of unraveling, I bought K- a shirt as we sped through Super Wal the other day. Again, not a terribly huge fan of the Wal, but Lowe's was right next door and I flew through for a few things. It was only $3.00, she really loved it and I told her that was fine. (She doesn't have a lot of short sleeve shirts. She mainly has tank tops.) She wore it once, it was washed in a small load and the hem of the shirt is coming out. I went back through the garbage, retrieved the tags and I'm having Hubs take it back. (Yes, I have the receipt.) It was only three dollars, but that's not the point!

The tomato near our back door is almost 5 feet tall at this point.

We had a message on the answering machine that K- won something this past week from the library. We ran up there so that she could get her prize. She really wanted to pick a cheesy bag of plastic pirate money, but I told her that I wanted her library prize to be a book. We narrowed it down to Stanley in Space or Ivy + Bean. She chose Ivy + Bean and if she likes that as well as Junie B, we'll probably begin to collect those books, too. I have 4 Junie B books coming from B&N to use as reading prizes. (Read 5 books, earn a Japanese eraser or a Junie B.) It seems to be going well. I may need to restock.

Speaking of reading, I went over K-'s sight word stack this evening. I believe that there are about 300 words or more in the stack. It took us 30+ minutes to go through them, and I did use that as time towards her summer reading challenge for school. She did really well. She only slid back on a few words (less than 5) so I really can't argue. (I figure that she read for 30 minutes straight and as it wasn't in book format, it was still reading and in the summer, I'll take what I can get!)

I'm bushed. Must get off to bed.

'Night all!

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