Friday, July 23, 2010

Haiku Friday: Line drying

Clothes hung to dry,
Still toasty from the hot sun,
Drunk from the fresh smell.

Smiles in my day:
- Though panic set in when I realized that the school was trying to get a hold of me to pick a potentially sick K- up, 2 hours after they phoned (my cell and my MIL, not my home phone), I raced up and she was fine. She got very overheated and felt like she would be ill. They cooled her down with some cool cloths, had her lie down for a spell and she is fine.
- We made it through an obnoxiously packed day with no breakdowns. The child ran from 8:30 AM-7:40 PM. That's a long day no matter what the age.
- I enjoyed my free (from the Parade section of Sunday's paper) Strawberry Banana Smoothie from McDonald's this evening. A 12 oz is 210 calories, which isn't so bad, but it does have 44 grams of sugar which isn't so smiley. For free and an evening treat while the girls enjoyed playing in the air conditioned Play Place, it was the right price.
- Spending some time with friends back from Milwaukee.
- I love K-'s summer bridge tutor. She gives me all kinds of wonderful tips, which is certainly what I need. I brought K-'s box of practice words for her to thumb through and she couldn't believe it. She was so thrilled that her kindergarten teacher concentrated so much on word families. She couldn't believe the stack! She also asked me to make sure to break the stack up and not do it all at once with her. I admit, it did get rather overwhelming.
- K- learned about gravity in science camp today. Her team passed the egg test-- theirs didn't break! They sent home a gravity test kit for the kids. It is a pyramid with different cardboard balance items. Check out Mad Science online for more details. I'm sure that they probably have a program in your area. We love their week program and I can't recommend them enough.
- K- and I might be extras in a Hollywood movie on Sunday. No, I won't give details until the movie would release (that would give the entire world my location and I really don't want that), but they did a call out for several thousand extras and my MIL suggested that we go. I've e-mailed the guy in charge of extras and I haven't heard back. Apparently, we get numbers, details on wardrobe and whatnot. How many times in NE Ohio do we get that opportunity? Not that often.

Have a wonderful weekend! We're looking for it to be hot, hot, hot. (Mid-nineties and for us, that's hot.) Stay cool!


Rach said...

Love the haiku! You certainly have a knack for them. :o)

I'm glad K is well. Hannah and Lil both turn fuchsia when hot so they look ill whether they are or not.

Extras?? That'd be SO cool! All my friends were extras in "Dirty Dancing". The first time I saw the movie I was more interested in finding my friends then in watching the movie, lol! :oP

Michelle said...

How exciting if you and K get to be extras! Can't wait to hear more about that! Transformers was filmed partly at Holloman and White Sands when we were living there and they had a call for extras. I didn't go try out but it was still exciting to know that the movie was filmed there :)