Friday, January 29, 2010

It doesn't have to be new to work well.

Weird things come to me as I'm cleaning. Remember last year when I went around and took pictures of weird warning labels after I realized that my broom had a customer support line stickered onto it?

Well, I was thinking about my beloved clock radio. She's old. There are way spiffier looking ones out on the market, but why replace her? She works well. She wakes us up every morning. My parents bought me this clock for Christmas when I was 12. This was actually a replacement to the original clock they purchased the week prior. That one convulsed and shook, not keeping time and I couldn't turn it off. We weren't wealthy, so when mom took the first one back and brought this one, she announced, "I paid $20.00 for this clock. Please take care of it." She'd be proud to know that 24 years later and 4 different moves, the clock is still humming along nicely.

That brings me to weird question of the day. What is the oldest functioning item that you have in your home that you could replace with something newer, but you don't? (I'm hoping for something that is used more often than twice every ten years, but I'll take any answer.)

Smiles in my day:
- Though I missed our walk Thursday morning so I could tend to some court proceedings with my brother, I walked to school to get K-. We walked with her friend B- and her mom part way back. It gave us some time to mull over the latest M- happenings and to reinforce what K- should do.
- My brother has a lovely lawyer that worked it so that my brother had an arraignment this AM, a meeting after that, a signature bond, a two hour visit to the local jail and he was out. To make it to court, we had to run, went to the wrong courthouse and had to run again-- through the snow, in a skirt and with loafers on-- to the police station where I kept setting the security beepers off with the metal pin on my coat. We made it at 9:01 AM, but thankfully, my brother was scheduled in and was okay. I ran so fast that I couldn't breathe once I got into the police station!

Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

So glad about your brother! I really hope he gets this all sorted out and gets his kid.

I too have an alarm clock very similar to yours that is about 20 years old. I recently got rid of a tv that I had to have TWO people carry out (and it was only a 32 inch screen) that worked just fine. But since I was gifted a flat screen hi def I figured I may as well get rid of that space hog.

Rach said...

Oldest working electronic device in the house? Brien's computer from his first year of college--1994. I also have an alarm clock from 1989 or so--only 20 years old (OMG!!! 1989 was 20 years ago!!!!!!). ;o)

Anonymous said...

My list of older items (none beat your alarm clock, though):

1) A "boombox" CD/radio I got as a gift from my parents 18 years ago.

2) The Kmart purchased plant stands I use as bedside tables are 16 years old.

3) My 17 year old Corelle dishes that I so want to replace with Fiestaware but can't because the Corelle dishes are perfectly fine. Darn it. :)