Friday, February 13, 2009

Silly Labels: A Post in Pictures

Yesterday I was cleaning my bathroom, pulled out the broom and realized something. My broom has customer support. Just look: It started me thinking. What other odd things might I find on everyday items in our home? I started to look. Here are more that I found.
Put your deodorant under your arms only. Now, I know that I do have one friend who uses deodorant under her bre*asts. I can only imagine the other places people have put deodorant. I've also heard of the feet, but I'm sure it goes farther. Oh, let us not forget the "external use only" statement. Are people trying to do some internal deodorizing? They are! Look! Don't eat it!
Make sure that you take the plastic overwrap off the soap. You'll know that you haven't done this if it isn't bubbling when you add water.
Disposal of ladies feminine supplies. Loved the illustrations.
Don't put Vick's up your nose. Can I tell you something? That is something that I grew up doing. I still do it if I can't breathe. I mean, I don't cram it up my nose, but I do put some on a Q-Tip and put it in that way. Who knew? Apparently, they put that one on there for me.
Don't ingest lip goo, kiddies. And yikes. I just noticed that it is Made in China. That ranks up there with the soap that my friend has in a make-up kit that says not to use it around your eyes. That, too, was made in China. She doesn't use the soap at all. I'm laughing at "Apply smoothy and evenly to lips." Do they know who this glittery princess lip goo is marked to? I mean, is it possible to get all those glittery hunks even?
Throw the bottle away when you are done with it. I would have never figured that out had they not told me.
Hard to read on this one, but this is my bottle of cleaner telling you in the caution section to make certain that you clean your hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum and smoking tobacco. Now if you smoke anything else, it doesn't matter.

Any good labels at your house?


Rach said...

Who knew about the Vick's? I do the same thing. I'm cleaning all day today, I'll have to go on a label hunt. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

We used to do the same thing with Vicks.
And it's nice to know that Michael Phelps can safely use that cleaner and smoke :) (sorry couldn't help it - and I like Michael - not that he smokes stuff but I like him).

Jamie said...

Those labels crack me up.

Please, the Vick's doesn't actually help unless it is up the nose! LOL

My all time favorite is the warning label on coffee about it being hot. Because the steam rising from the top isn't a giveaway?

Laura said...

Great post today! It made me laugh and made me think about what I use that is probably very bad for me!

I heard that if you have a bad cough before you go to bed you should rub Vick's on your feet and put socks on and your coughing will stop.