Saturday, October 3, 2009

31 for 21

Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes is blogging this month on Down Syndrome. Her daughter, Kayla, is living a fun life with an extra chromosome. She posted a link to an article today. It talks of 92% of people deciding to abo*rt their child if it tests for Down Syndrome through prenatal testing. Testing is becoming more sophisticated. They only expect that abor*tion number to rise. What about the twin abor*tion in Italy a few years ago? The wrong one was abor*ted, then the mother went in and terminated the full pregnancy. To that I say ARGH.

I know that when I was pregnant with Bailey, Hubs and I decided to skip the Tri-Screen testing. We felt that God gave us a beautiful being to love and that was a gift. A positive to the testing is that a diagnosis while in pregnancy would give an opportunity to get education regarding Down Syndrome, network and find resources for the little one prior to its arrival.

I know that Michelle told Kayla's birth story and about how she did have testing, there was a possibility of Kayla having Down Syndrome, but it wasn't a 100 % positive. When Kayla was born, the diagnosis was confirmed and admittedly, she was disappointed. Everyone hopes for children that are healthy. Well, Kayla is healthy. She is healthy in her own way. This past year she has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but that is a workable thing. She has an IEP at school. She's not fully up to speed with her classmates. You want to know what? They. love. her. The kids love her to pieces. Michelle told of stories when they were back in New Mexico (I think!) about how kids were lovin' on Kayla so much that they were doing things for her to be helpful, but things that Kayla could do. They wanted the best for her and were tripping over themselves to help! Kayla is a light in the world of everyone she encounters. That is a gift!

Cruise on over to Big Blueberry Eyes for the month of posts. Not all will be about Down Syndrome, but many of them will. Let's celebrate Kayla and her ABILITIES!


Rach said...

B and I opted out of the triple screen with Han and the quad screen with Lil for a number of reasons. One of the biggest being I couldn't see myself terminating a pregnancy. That, and the fact they aren't 100% conclusive so you are left agonizing for MONTHS and things may be fine (or not, but who can know?).

I have known and LOVED so many Down's children and adults in my life. Brent is one who stands out. His mom was my PE teacher in middle school and he was a great kid. You know what? He's a great adult as well.

He sits in front of us at the Hokies games with his Dad. He comes in, has his own headset which Dad gets set up for him, and he listens and shouts and cheers just like everyone else. I'm sure life isn't as easy for Mrs. C and her husband as they might have hoped, but Brent was truly a miracle baby for them and I can tell, continues to bring joy to their lives. :o)

I'll be sure to head over and check out Michelle's post. :o)

Mrs. Sour Britches said...

We had the triple marker screen all three times.

First time it came back fine and I had a child with a disability.

Second time, it was fine. The baby died anyhow.

Third time it came back with high levels of protein. They told me H had spina bifida. The issue of termination never came up. After weeks of emotional and physical torture & genetic counseling, they said it wasn't SB, it was placental lakes. I went on to deliver a healthy baby girl.

We are done having children so I'm glad I don't have to make the decision to have the TMS again because I'm not sure if I would or not. In my case I was preparing for the opposite of what the test said.

I just hope that as technology advances the tests become more refined.

Michelle said...

You are so sweet to share about Kayla and my blog! Thank you for a great post and helping spread awareness - and as you said - of Kayla' s "abilities" ! :)