Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Uncle Wiggily's Story Book

As a part of K-'s homework, we need to read nightly for the 100 book challenge. Since we already had the habit of reading nearly every night, this wasn't so much an issue. The book reading goal has changed the way K- thinks of blank time. I'm glad to say that now when there are blank moments in the day, K- will ask, "Mommy? Can you read to me? How about Uncle Wiggily?" [insert twinkly 5 year old eyes and a smile]

With the 100 book challenge, each 15 minutes of reading equals one step completed towards the 100 book goal. Now in Kindergarten, 15 minutes of reading doesn't exactly equal out to one book. Normally, we can belt out a few kid books together in that time. Uncle Wiggily, however, counts as 1 step per chapter.

There are 36 chapters in this particular book. And to think that I was worried that we were running out of books at the house. (Yes, we'll be hitting the library. Don't worry.)

So on to Uncle Wiggily, the bunny rabbit gentleman who lives in a hollow stump bungalow, wears a tall, silk hat and walks with a red, white and blue striped rheumatism crutch. The stories are wholesome. They show that though things happen, they aren't necessarily all bad. They reinforce helping others and giving of yourself and your belongings. In one story, Uncle Wiggily gives his new boots to Puss in Boots. In another story, he passes out the supplies that he purchased for Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to animals in need along the way home.

Good stories are hard to find. So for this week, that is what works for us. Have a good week!

A side note:
Please consider taking a look at my prayer list on the sidebar. In the last few days, I've had some pretty hefty prayer requests given to me. Just today, the gallery director gave me the update on her granddaughter's fight with Lymphoma. Treatment has not worked, as the tumor in her lung is still active. They are meeting with other professionals at the Cleveland Clinic to re-formulate her treatment plan. Please consider praying for Marcy, as she is 29 years old, single and the chemotherapy that she has gone through has put her into early menopause. Her doctor gave her the news by phone at work, which not only upset her greatly, but the entire staff where she works. I update my prayer list at least weekly, if not more often than that.

Come on back!
I'm having an informal shin-dig here at the ole blog. All of you are invited to the 1st Annual Bailey's Leaf Lovin' on the Crockpot Fest. I don't know how to make buttons, so I didn't make one. I'm not familiar with putting Mr. Linky or whatever it is called now into a post, but should probably figure that one out. At any rate, if you would love to share a crockpot recipe with those of us in a cooking rut, come on over! We'd love to have you! Even if you have no rut and want to stop by and read recipes, we'd love to have you, too!

Smiles in my day:
- K- can return to school tomorrow. She is recovering from her UTI nicely. The milk of magnesia finally worked Tuesday morning, but just at the time we were to walk out. Thankfully, I work at a mom and pop that understands that your kid comes first and sometimes you just can't rush things. Though I was an hour late to work, they covered it and all was well. No one said a thing.
- Hubs and I divided and conquered this evening. Our livingroom has been sick bay for 4 days (Hubs and me alternating couch sleeping with who manned sick bay overnight) and our home was trashed as a result. (1008 sq ft, remember?) Hubs tackled the kitchen and getting K- bathed and ready for bed. I tackled the laundry, putting K-'s bed back together (sheets and all from the unfortunate 4 AM illness the other morning), found the livingroom (I was sure it was there underneath all the Barbie paraphernalia) and ran the sweeper. Oh, it is lovely again.
- My mother-in-law took K- for us today so we could both work. She caught K- up on her school work and read several books for her 100 book challenge log. Way to go, Grandma!
- Walking around the grounds of work, collecting all sorts of things to dry for my Christmas nature tree. I was able to gather wisteria pods, buckeyes, holly berries, lavender, poke weed buds, and buds of other things that I don't know the name of. I'll be collecting hydrangea tomorrow. These are the items I plan to use with one of my decorating demos. (If they choose not to do a decorating demo, that's fine because I'll still use the natural items I collected to decorate a tree anyhow.)
- Sleep! Glorious sleep! We all slept last night, though K- reported nightmares. I think that it was illness and/or medications.

Have a great day!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Sounds like a neat read. I love the good ole books for my kiddo too.


Stop by and see me over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

Kristen said...

I have heard of Uncle Wiggley, my daughter would probably really enjoy it. As to your crockpot shindig, when is it? Also, visit for the easiest, free link system.

Kristen said...

I have heard of Uncle Wiggley, my daughter would probably really enjoy it. As to your crockpot shindig, when is it? Also, visit for the easiest, free link system.

Rach said...

We love Uncle Wiggly. :o)

I'm so so sorry about your friend. What a terrible way to get such awful news. :o( That is ridiculous.

You know I'll be here for the crock pot fest!! :o)

blessingfarm said...

Have you ever played the Uncle Wiggly game? You would probably enjoy doing that once you finish the book. It was one of my favorites as a kid and I have seen it available in toy stores still.

Bailey's Leaf said...

The Uncle Wiggily game is in our game closet. My mom gave it to us as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but K- was a little young then. Games are a big wintertime thing here, so I'll be dusting it off.

Thanks for reminding me!