Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: The Crock-Pot Fest

The Crock-Pot Fest will be my WFMW this week. Let's face it, we need some more recipes. I've gotten some lovely recipes from the links so far. The WFMW link I posted goes right to the initial Monday post for the Crock-Pot fest. Just an FYI.

Smiles in my day:
- The article is in the Cleveland Magazine and though the article has me listed as a "Master Tree Decorator" [shaking my head and laughing] I have a two sentence blip. I'm in print, people. Real live, local magazine print. It's better than a tabloid!
- Bedtime with K- was so much better this evening.
- My neighbor laughing at me this morning when I was parked with hazards on at the end of her drive, asking them if they wanted to hop a ride to school. She asked me if I was wimping out on her? It was 48 degrees, windy and spitting rain. I told her that she could walk back if she wanted. She told me I was right and climbed back in my car with me to go back home. :)
- The floor manager at work was surprised at my method of training new workers. I do it in a bit different way than her, but that's okay. She made me a badge she made that said, "Trainer of the Month." God bless her.
- K- announcing at dinner that she got "two compliments today." One teacher had complimented her behavior in the hallway. Important to her, as it was a teacher that was not her own. The second compliment she couldn't exactly recall, but she knew that she got one.
- K- actually ate her lunch today. We had a long discussion last night why almost all of the food that I sent was coming back basically untouched. "Because I was talking with my friends, Mommy." "Yes, well, you need food to give you energy to learn. When you are at lunch, your job is to eat lunch. It is more important to eat than talk. You can catch up at recess." She reports that she still talked (not that I wanted her not to at all), but she was thrilled that she did a good eating job.
- K- had great papers today, but had one item on her paper circled. She didn't color the panda. Why? "Because it is black and white already, mom!" I told her to at least color the nose next time.
- Laurie, my sewing friend extraordinaire, put on her cobbler hat and fixed K-'s shoes. Remember the ones that she wore for only 5 days and the strap came apart? Laurie fixed them and now she has TWO pairs of legal shoes for school! (The little things in life. She's in a 12 1/2. The half sizes are hard to find!)


Rach said...

Hooray for your smiles!! They are wonderful! :o)

Looking forward to all the Crock-Pot recipes. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit! It is the season for the crock pot - the recipes look good.