Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Clear Sectioned Fishing Tackle Boxes

We're a theme week on WFMW. For me, clear sectioned fishing tackle boxes are a great thing. They make thinner ones and thicker ones. We have both. Back in November, I posted about using the fishing tackle boxes for Polly Pockets. Though little girl o' mine has been slacking on putting all of her Polly's in their proper creature homes, here is what I did with them. I also use them to organize all of the glass beads that I have. I could see using them for all sorts of things! They work for us!

- Hubs got nailed by a yellow jacket today. He said that it flew right into him. So that is me on Sunday, him today and please o' please don't have K- get stung. It hurts!
- The new stadium that they are building a street away is near completion. They were working on the sound system-- again-- and they were using applause tracks with whistling and everything. It was hilarious as it sounded as loud as a crowd could do. When they do the music, the glass in the gallery chatters because it is so loud.
- If I recall correctly, the stadium has the capacity of 80,000, but they have parking for 30,000 people who will most certainly do what they need to do to skip parking fees. That leaves the gallery that I work for having a parking heart attack. Let me not fail to mention the huge game scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving, which is the biggest shopping day at the gallery. Oh, help the heart attacks now.

Smiles in my day:
- Hubs moved so much earth today to level the yard out for ye ole shed that is arriving at 7 AM on Thursday morning. I really want to take pictures, but gentlemen who built the shed and are delivering it are Amish and I don't want to offend.
- K- brought Touch Me Nots back from her walk with Grandpa. She wanted to pop them with me.
- K- galloped the 8 blocks to school on her hobby horse (unicorn.) The day before she brought her Disney Princess CD player to play us music all the way there. She surrenders her toy at the door, as she knows that she cannot take it to class. What toy will it be tomorrow?


Rach said...

I have used those tackle boxes for all sorts of things as well, from jewelry sorters to embroidery floss keepers. They are quite quite handy.

I smiled at the image of K skipping along on her hobby horse. :o) Thanks for the imagery.

Have a great day!!

{ L } said...

This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing. :)