Saturday, September 26, 2009

Look what I found!

At 5 Minutes for Mom, they had a post about school lunches and the Love Your Veggies grant program from Hidden Valley Ranch. How I laughed when I found it! What timing!

Funding must be spent on any of the following:
Fresh produce (vegetables and fruits)
A vegetable station (such as a dedicated salad bar)
Kitchen equipment (primary usage must relate to proposed program)
Program staffing (cafeteria personnel, lunchroom staff, etc.)
Nutrition education supplies
Food Safety Training

Each school grant is $10,000. in direct funding. I do plan on doing this. Hopefully I can make a case for fresh fruits and vegetables! Wish me luck!


Rach said...

LOL!! EXCELLENT timing! Oh how I wish you all the best!!! :o)

An Aquarian Mind said...

Our district got a grant from the state to buy fresh veggies/fruits for the kids. Each day they have something different for snack and of course they throw in a lesson. I'm thrilled about this. Somehow it is in conjunction with Giant Eagle so they get added benefits.

I hope you are able to implement this in K's school!