Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Miscellany

Hodge-podge day here at Bailey's Leaf.
1. Praise out for Harper's family. She's home!
2. I've taken a few Lipitor and didn't have my liver fall out. Is it wrong that I chased my first dose with a small bowl of ice cream? I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day people.
3. I'm getting the swing of this thumb splint, again. It's been about 9 years since I was saddled up with 2 months worth of hitch-hiker thumb. (I lacerated a tendon when cutting glass when I was tired. A surgeon had to whip-stitch it back together and I was not permitted to bend my thumb for 2 months, for fear that I would rip everything apart.)

4. K- found someone's purse in the Target family bathroom. She was excited to be able to have us turn it into the customer service counter. Never once did she ask what was in it. Never once did she think, as I did in the back of my mind, that someone might think that we had stolen something out of it. Turns out that as we were walking down the main aisle, a mommy with a child in the top of the cart were flying through the store towards the service counter. I only hope that it was her purse and that her heart attack of leaving it behind had soon faded.
5. It's another caffeinated day in the neighborhood. (Oh, I'm writing this post on Friday afternoon.) Occasionally, I get the migraine that accompanies-- um-- other portions of life. It's been bouncing around the right side of my noggin and in and out of my eyeball. Oh, I can't tell you how motivating that is.
6. It's supposed to hit 40 or better today, but it is almost noon and 25 F. I'm not completely sold on that whole warm-up. It did warm to 38 or so. Just enough to make that driveway a solid hunk of damp, slick ice.
7. My brother's transmission is in, but not finished. I got up bright and EEE early to drive over, get my niece and drive her to school. Aunt Amy woke up at 6 :20 AM to do it. I was rockin' the jammies and my oh-so-sexy hair wadded up look. Hubs commented later on it. Apparently, I was more attractive than ever. [Insert much much sarcasm here.]
I mean, really-- I have no idea what he is talking about.
I thought it was an incredibly good look.
8. K- took a light saber to school on Monday as a show and tell and one little boy went home and told his mom that "he thought that it was just the coolest! It lights up and makes sounds, Mom!" It was funny to hear her telling me about it while we were waiting for the Kindergarten meeting. Of course I went and told Hubs, who has beamed ear to ear since hearing that.
9. My vehicle is so filthy. It really is red. A really red red. You couldn't tell from this. What you can tell is how gross our weather has been. They have cut back on salt useage, well-- they say that they have. I can tell you, the inside does not look like the outside. Yikes. I think that I might try to resolve that today. (Back to writing on this Saturday morning.) See! I told you that it was red! Only $9.00 for a wash -- eek!-- but I just couldn't stand the filth any longer. The outside faucets are shut off right now, but I don't think that I would have wanted to do it myself anyhow. Well worth the investment, I think!10. At the continued writing of this post, Mom is on her way to have her blood work drawn. She said that the blood pressure medication that the prescribed did help her headache, but she is lightheaded. She wonders if she needs just a little bit more.
11. Now I wonder if my mom has suffered from an allergic reaction to tetracycline. I can't help but to notice that all of the symptoms that she had are on their allergic reaction listing. Just sayin'. By the way, she is beginning to feel a little better now that she has stopped taking it. She did have the ordered work-ups done today (Saturday) and we'll know more on Monday.
12. Do you know that laundry doesn't do itself? Yep. Mine is in a big bucket in the livingroom longing to be folded. K- has asked to watch "Rory Gilmore" which I may very well have to do. (Can you see her twisting my arm?) Must sweep the floor first, though.
13. I'm going to start making those baby items for my sister out of the 10 yards of fabric that I purchased at 7 AM at the day after Thanksgiving Day Sale. We were at Joann's and a few yards here and a few yards there ended up as 10 yards. Babyson thing will have a whole lot of handmade burp cloths, changing pads, nursing pads (for my sister, of course) made out of the tonnage of material. Oh shoot. I'm sure that there are other things I can make, as well.
14. I'm happy to report that I'm absolutely crazy and insane. I have gone through the "gift shelf" and I have nearly all the gifts that I need for kid birthdays and kid Christmas for this next year. Literally, I have 3 more gifts to purchase and I'm good. (I'm doing a WFMW on this in about a week and a half.) 2 are on hold to purchase closer to the birthday since my nieces tend to run in and out of what's in pretty quickly. Don't have a heart attack. I love clearances and follow my rule of 5.00 or less pretty religiously. But again, check back on February 18. I'll give you the scoop then.
15. You can get away with character band-aids when you have a kid in the house. My hands are horribly dry, cracked and now one finger is bleeding. I have Tinkerbell wrapped around my finger. It'll make people giggle. At least I think so!


Michelle said...

Now that is red!! My van looks like your before picture; it's bad with the salt etc. Desperately needs to be cleaned! My mom drove by a car wash place that had a sign that said "salt is not a color" LOL

Rach said...

What's wrong with a good Tinkerbelle band aid?? ;o)

Hope the thumb is better soon, AND, you can NEVER go wrong with ice cream. Ever! (Unless it's light or some such nonsense...)

Jamie said...

Nice peace frogs sticker! I had one on my old car, but never found a new one I liked.

It made it to 47 here today, woo hoo! I squirted the blazer off with the hose, but after it dried I realized I just shoulda washed it.