Monday, February 9, 2009

I Was Googled and I Didn't Feel a Thing!

(Title credit to the artist who made the found object pin that we have at work. I knew that I could use that saying one day! I'm sorry, I have no idea of who the artist is right at the moment.)

My patrol runner on the blog tells me some funny things. I have people who have popped in from all over the world. Hey! I'm glad that you are here! I thought that I would share with you a few searches that made me giggle.

1. How the Amish remove blood from clothes? My WFMW post on laundry touched on removing blood from laundry, but not Amish blood!
2. Bailey Leafs -- poor person. I think that they were hunting for the spice, bay leaves.
3. Bailey's [a contest for drinking Bailey's]-- Ooo, rude awakening since we are an alcohol-free blog. I was definitely not what they wanted.
4. Vick's Cough Remedy-- I did a post on the internet Vicks cough thing on feet. Hopefully, I'm trying to save the world from slathering their children's feet in Vicks because it doesn't work.
5. Eating Snow-- I've gotten a ton of people hunting to see if eating snow is okay. I did a post on that. My findings? Inconclusive. Personally, I say no thank you.
6. "Story fell asleep snowed slid down on leaf"- Honestly, I have no idea why I came up.
7. "Place cupcake in cello bag and tie with ribbon"- I'm thinking that with the description that they put in, they pretty much have it as long as they have the cupcake, cellophane bag and ribbon.
8. "Dye lot lazy boy"- Ah yes. This would be about the couch that wanted to stay at my house forever even though it was delivered brand new, but damaged.
9. "Woman skates narrow-heel high-arch"- Other than reading about my child with freakishly difficult-to-fit feet-- narrow foot, narrow heel and high arch-- I don't think that I was of help at all. Well, maybe they felt better that there was a mommy who is running around NE Ohio trying to find decent shoes to fit AND stay on her child's feet. Maybe it made them feel better.
10. "Tercel snow"- Hubs has a Tercel and drives it in the snow. It's drives well when it has good tires on it.
11. "Collar bone big"-- Haven't a clue. My collar bone isn't big. I'm more of a petite build.
12. "Non baking cookie balls with bailey's cream"- Not me.
13. "How do you clean the newer polly pocket clothes"- I can tell you how to store them. How to clean them? Just don't get them dirty! :)
14. "Walmart fabric"- Actually, I hear that Walmart will stop selling fabric (which I believe since I saw all the fabric on clearance) but I'm more of a Joann's kind of girl.
15. "Pudding skin singles exacto knife"- Seinfeld. Who knew that other people would want to read about it, too?
16. "Doggie bag"- How did I come up?
17. "Best organizer hair bow"- Why yes, thank you! I do make the Best Hair Bow Organizers!
18. "tennis racquet"Blogroll""- Other than saying that I bought K- a tennis racquet to put in her Easter basket, I really don't know why I would pop up. Oh well. Hopefully my post gave them a giggle.
19. "Is amish friendship bread safe"- Ewww. I say no, but I'm outnumbered. Plenty of people eat it all the time, live to tell the tale and say it is delicious. It just defies all laws of food keeping. I'm sorry. It is just wrong.
20. "Recipe with devils food cake, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, brown sugar, butter"- Sounds delicious. I hope that they found it, because that recipe isn't here!

So, what is the weirdest search that has come up on your patrol?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I get googled for the "How to remove diaper gel in dryer" thing a lot (remember that?). And of course food allergies. One time someone found me by searching "fre*e boy*s". The little ones picture was captioned "Allergy fre*e bo*y" and some per*v found it that way. Needless to say that caption came down. Pigs. But that's why it's good to check the sitemeter and see where people are coming to you from.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Yes. Um. Uck. Thanks for *ing that, too.

I just laugh that people go to look up Bailey's (as in alcohol) and then they find me. Oooo, wrong link!

Rach said...

LOL! I've never really checked to see where I pop up. Hmmmmm...;o)

Jamie said...

I was convinced enough to try blog patrol and ditch what I had. If anything might be good for a laugh.

Michelle said...

some of those are funny! I wonder what some people are really searching for with some of the phrases they come up with!