Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Amish Anniversary

We went on our annual anniversary overnight to Amish Country. We're not too far away, but it's a nice little trip. K- was so excited, that she decided to pack our bag for us. When a 5 year old says that they've packed your bag to go on an overnight trip, rest assured that she has packed only the essentials.
When we stopped by the bulk food store, we hung out and talked to the horses for a minute. The one closest to us was a little agitated. We think that he didn't like being tied to the rail.
When we stopped for Hubs to purchase another lens brush for his binoculars, I got a picture of some folks on their way down the road. They may have been on their way to the Amish funeral that we drove by. We were caught between buggies in a funeral procession to the home while on our way to the store.
Here was our "creature home" for the night. The Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek. We love this Inn.
K- has claimed her bed already. You can see that her polar bear is resting on the pillow.
Here's the rest of the room. My mother-in-law always likes for us to show pictures of our rooms to her. I don't quite know why. Since I have them, I figured that I would share them with you, too.
My people. They were out looking for more buggies to cruise by. We visited the Coblentz Chocolate Company. It was just next door to the Inn, so why not? I accidentally got hubs hooked on these. Neither one of us like coffee, but these are very tasty. I always said that if they could make coffee taste the way that it smells, I would drink it. Well, these take the way coffee smells, therefore they are good. Too good, actually.
I felt very Pioneer Woman when I took this photo. I felt like I could have been on their ranch. I wasn't though. I was tip-toeing over the road apples to get this shot. Speaking of shot, I heard a gunshot as I was taking this photo but since I was in Amish country, I wasn't concerned. When we were on our way, we did see a few Amish boys on their bikes cruising through the country and one had a shot gun across his handlebars. I'm guessing that may have been where the shot came from.
We participated in the Great American Backyard Bird Count. We went to The Wilderness Center to do our counting.
We saw different birds, but the ones that cooperated with my camera were the Nut Hatch and--
oops-- not a bird here. We did have hungry squirrels.
The Red-bellied Woodpecker. I just love woodpeckers and was thrilled that I got a photo of them. I was able to get some pictures of the Downy Woodpecker, but they were only of the backside.

We had a great time on our anniversary trip. We were able to kick back, relax and enjoy each other's company this weekend. I hope that you had a great weekend, too!


Rach said...

Happy anniversary! :o) What a FUN place to play. I have a feeling that if Lil were to pack for me, I would be bringing only the most essential of Littlest Pets...

The photos were beautiful and from the looks of things, you guys had a blast! (The pioneer woman photo of the horse is a classic.) :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I love the pictures!! Looks like you guys had a really good time. The Inn looks gorgeous. I would love to go there, but alas, I think the boys would be too wild for that place. I wish we had someone to watch them for a night. Maybe in the spring we'll make a day trip. Looks more fun, with more to do than Middlefield. There you get cheese and they've already seen that;) That reminds me, my Amish cleaning girl comes tomorrow. YAY!

Michelle said...

I love the way K packs! LOL Looks like a beautiful getaway place! Happy anniversary!