Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Had "Snow" Much Fun

K- awaiting her turn on the snowmobile.

My sister decided to have a bit of a sibling get together on Saturday at her house. It was an impromptu thing. Bring something to throw into the pot of Stone Soup (yes, a real stone is in there), haul your warm clothing, a sled and come have fun. She lives out with her partner and her two children on 5 acres in the country. The 5 acres has hills and a pond. Thus, they call it The Pond House.

K- and I made the trek out there. It really wasn't that bad of a trip out. It didn't really take me any longer than maybe 5 minutes extra to get there. (It generally takes about 25 minutes or so.) We flipped our offerings of canned garden tomatoes, rice, barley, carrots and bouillon into the bubbling pot and set off to the great outdoors. We had a lot of fun! The trip back was a bit ugly and required my dropping the truck into 4 wheel lock a few times, but we're back safe and sound.

K- and her cousin, J- after having slid down the hill.

K-'s pile of cousins. The bottom of the hill was a bit more sudden stop for them than they hoped.

My brother, affectionately known as Silly, on the snowmobile with his daughter.

My brother and my sister's partner making an igloo with the kids. As you can see, they were a bit inventive on what they were using for block forms. K- is on the other side of Mr. M-, helping him to release the newest block from its form.

Yes, I did slide down the hill. I also went on a ride on the snowmobile with my brother. I had longed to ride a snowmobile. My only experience with the snowmobile was when the Ski Patrol had to come scoop me up after I blew my ACL. That was not so fun and didn't count.

The snow was very deep, smooshy and a path hadn't been cut in yet. When I was on with my brother, I half fell off and all I could manage to yell was "OFF! OFF!" He didn't stop, but leaned the other way so that I could haul my leg out from under the snowmobile and back onto the foot ski thing. Surprisingly, I'm not hurt though I suspect I might feel it tomorrow. I've taken Advil. The scary thing was that it was the ACL leg. I tend to baby that one a little sometimes.

It is nice to live around family, so that we can get together and just hang out together. (One of my brothers was unable to be there.) My sister tended to the pot of Stone Soup, which was wonderful. She would have loved to do the fun in the snow bit with us, but she is busy baking a baby. She opted to keep the wee one safe and tend to the soup and fire.

We hope that you enjoyed your day!


Jamie said...

Looks like loads of fun. Love the laundry basket mold.

Bailey's Leaf said...

No pun intended on the loads of fun in the laundry basket mold, eh? :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Looks like fun! I'm feeling unwell so I spent yesterday in bed watching "reality TV". Good news is, after watching "Mystery Diagnosis" I think I know what's wrong with me ;)