Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's a Hair Chilly Up Here

If it's a hair too cold outside, you can always make a snowfoam man inside.Surely I must be kidding about the cold, eh? Um, no. Just check out that temperature! All the schools had been closed and Little Gym for K- was even cancelled!
Oh look, I'm not proficient with the whole screen shot thing, but I did get a picture of my monitor. It says it's cold. The red part? We live there, as well as Janeen at My Story and Natalie at The Cybyk Times. It could be colder. We could be in Milwaukee like friends of ours or in Minneapolis, like the daughter of our church secretary. It was -13 F there the other day. Ugh.

When Hubs and I met, it was -25 F. The university we attended was THE ONLY place open. Our University President thought there would be a heat wave at noon. There wasn't. I remember the -25 F. Add a wind chill on top of that. If memory serves, it felt like -47 F. That isn't so toasty. (BTW, that was January 1994.)
It is so cold right now that we have ice forming on the inside of our windows. Grant you, this is the wind side of our house. The front of our house always gets hammered by weather.
Our windows aren't old. When it gets this cold, there is only so much windows can do.

But look! Stinky is being kept safe in the Polly Pocket house.
Don't worry. Jabba is close behind to make certain that his little pumpkin muffin is kept safe in the land of Polly's and their many tiny, rubbery clothes.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

It's still -0 this morning. I thought today was supposed to be better? Our power went out last night at 1 AM. Thank you (non) Illuminating Company. It came back on around 2:30 AM but it was mighty chilly until then. Good thing we had 2 kids in bed with us to keep us warm (translation - no sleep for me).
Thanks for the pic of the windows. Mine did that too and I was cursing the builder for cheap windows.

Bailey's Leaf said...

No cheap windows. We bought Pella. I think that they can only take so much. I probably didn't help the windows much that I had the blinds and/or drapes drawn to help.

Got caught in a funky snowstorm at the mall! YUCK! Where the heck did that come from?!

Jamie said...

Our windows are 25 year old wood Andersons = junk. I'm sure they WERE top of the line 25 years ago. We don't get ice just TONS of condensation.

We weren't supposed to get snow tonight, but suddenly several inches appeared while we were in Kohls.

Love the Polly pix. My cats eat the rubbery clothes, for some reason they love those things.