Friday, January 16, 2009

Double Play Dates and the Big Purges

K- was off school yesterday, so I decided to schedule our friends to come over and play. We had one set that we needed to do belated Christmas and belated birthday with. The other set we just needed to hang with.

The hang with friends came over at about 10:30 AM. We mommies sat downstairs and went through K-'s boxes of clothes that I had from birth up until about last year. You see, we thought that we were going to adopt another baby, but that just wasn't in the plan. So, I kept everything and I've been holding off on going through everything because it is 4 years worth of clothing. We've found a body to put this past years worth of clothes on. We sorted, the kids played. We had a great time.

They left and we had about a half hour in between. Our other friends had to bump their time up, since my friend H- has been having some health issues and needed to run to the doctor to have them checked out. She was there and back in a flash with no real answer to her question and we celebrated birthdays and Christmas. We had cake. It was all good. We went downstairs to play and as she was watching over her 2 year old, I was talking to her from the purge pile as I bagged more stuff for more children.

Then she went white. Her eyes went kind of peaky (as mom would call it.) She didn't look well. She excused herself to the bathroom. It had been a while and I was going to check on her when I heard muffled cries from the kitchen. My friend was lying in the middle of my unmopped kitchen floor. She was ill. She decided to lie on the kitchen floor because it was cold and it would make her feel better. After about a half hour of that, she decided to move to the couch then off to the bathroom. Oh, that poor girl. She was so ill. I kept checking on her through the door, but there was nothing I could do. I mean, I'm sure that she didn't want me trotting in all the while she was being ill. She came out and announced that she felt well enough to attempt a drive home. I followed her and we did get her there, but oh my goodness I felt bad for her. Her husband was soon to follow home, as he had gotten my "your wife is lying on my floor" distress call.

(At my last phone call, she was in the bath. She's doing okay, I guess. I'll call again in the morning since I've actually written this post Thursday night.)

Of course, being the germaphobe that I am, I came home and did a hazmat cleaning on the bathroom (I cleaned it already in the AM, with no time to mop.) I Lysol'd so much that I ran out and had to get more (in 7 F weather.) I bleached, mopped, scrubbed and wiped. If she had anything contagious and we get it, it isn't for my lack of cleaning.

You know the funny part? K- was off school today because it was Bleach Down the School Day. (She wouldn't have had it anyway because the schools were called off for cold.) The stomach virus is rip roaring through her class and I was so relieved that it was bleaching time. God does have a great sense of humor, though. Funny indeed.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I hope your friend is feeling better!!
Wanna come clean my bathroom:)?

Jamie said...

I'm a germaphobe too, so I would done the same thing. But, Yikes, that is terrible that she was that sick.