Monday, January 12, 2009

CPSIA: Oh heck.

Feel free to follow this link on over to Rock's in My Dryer for the scoop on the new mandates set forth for selling and reselling children's items. All I can say is fantastic. I had grand ideas of what I could do for an Esty store with the box loads of fabric. Let's just say, that apparently my blog will just remain a blog and that is that. An attached internet store. Nah. Not now. Thank you, Uncle Sam.

Jamie at Mrs. Sour Britches warned me of this the other day. To this I say, oh crap. Probably 80% of K-'s wardrobe comes from resale. So let's think about it this way, the economy is in the crapper, people are buying more and more resale things probably than ever and now the government is pulling the rug out of more smaller businesses because there were some corporate dummies that couldn't follow the rules?!


But then, I promise that I will re-read Shannon's post. I think that I'll re-read it a few times just to be certain that I have the rules all down.

And like my recent couch situation, this one sucks too.

Edited to add: I found this article on Clothes seem to be safe, which is a good thing. I have now made a front door display of all the handcrafted children's items at work. I call it the corner of "Shameless Self Promotion." I told them that we could have them there for the next month until we have to take those items off the floor due to CPSIA guidelines.

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