Friday, November 28, 2008

My Sweetness

As I shuffle off at 3:30 AM to go Black Friday shopping with my sister, I will miss my morning time with K-. Our mornings usually start with the Jar Jar Binks alarm going off and I will hear her stirring in her bed. (Jar Jar shakes when the alarm goes off.) I get up and go to her bed then ask, "May I come in?" "Sure!" I get all snuggly with her and we talk about how well she slept and if she had any dreams. I'll draw on her back and write names. Often, I'll gently trace the little girl features on her face with my mommy fingers. We'll talk about who is the line leader for that day at school. We'll list out the things that we look forward to doing that day. I'll get my three things: a kiss, a hug and "Good Morning, Mom!" It's time that is just quiet-- K- and me together just starting out our day. Just the way a snuggly mom likes it!

Today, however, I'm sacrificing my snuggle time. My sister is pregnant, wants to go Black Friday shopping and has requested an escort. I called to talk over the plan and she said, "Well, Kohl's opens at 4 AM." Fantastic. Girlfriend owes me big. I just hope that we get what we're there for!

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