Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's quiet.

My daughter is sleeping. My husband is downstairs working out. The furnace is running and the computer is humming, but it's quiet. The pies are in the oven. The cornbread is awaiting its turn to bake. Still, it's quiet.

Today was a good day at work. Traffic was a steady pace. People were patient, polite and happy. It was great to see so many people roaming around the galleries with their family in tow, showing them all the neat things that our art gallery has to offer. The traffic makes me so happy. My bosses are such great people and they've both been stressing about the lack of customers into the store. (Remember, I work at a mom and pop-- not a big box.) It's been dead in there. That is not normal for this time of year. The steady flow of folks coming in kept us busy, but not slammed. The seasonals are getting used to the flow. The trees that I so meticulously decorated are being picked to their very needles of the items that once adorned them. That is super.

Christmastime is upon us.

JMom at Lot's of Scotts wrote about gratitude. I encourage you to hop on over and read her thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your family be awash in thanksgiving and the Peace of the Lord be in your heart. Have a great day!

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