Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When your child has a Google account and other good reasons of why we have been away.

I swear.  We do still exist.  My first most excellent and really the one big excuse that is why I haven't been on here is because K has a Google account for school.  Thanks to a good friend who handed an old laptop down to K, she has her own computer and now accesses her account from there, but here-- it gummed up the works.  I couldn't gain access.  We tried logging her out.  We tried logging me in . . . Nope.  No can do.

So now.  For some odd reason it has now decided to allow me to come back.

Hey!  I've missed y'all!

Since mid-September, a lot has happened.

K is doing yoga.  Loves it.  Loves Miss Jenn and enjoys her Monday evening class with her.

K is in the 7th grade.  Loves her middle school.  Loves that they give them more freedom than at the other school she attended.  She feels less like the new kid this year, has friends but still deals with the same ole middle school garbage we all dealt with at that age.  It is amazing how the same crap goes on and on.  Just this time we get to spin some social media into it.

Speaking of, we still do not have her doing anything with social media.  She has learned far too much from what others have done that they shouldn't have.  She's okay with hanging back.  She's asked about Instagram, but do people really need to see pictures of her?  Um, not really.

School is still a challenge for K and we've just come to the conclusion that it always will be.  It frustrates her at times, but as long as she is trying her best, that is all we ask of her.

We're divorcing Toyota.  (We aren't divorcing.  No worries.)  Since July, I had both the local Toyota dealership and the tire place juggle us back and forth, telling me that my front end shaking in the RAV was just tires, no it isn't, yes it is . . . Well, it wasn't.  No one believed me.  My front right axle was about to go out, but the Toyota dealership told me that I was fine to drive on it for a year.  When it was replaced, the repair shop told me that it was rare to replace the axle and mine was in worse shape than he had ever seen.  Stabilizer links went out.  A coil spring broke.  (The big, giant springs that you have under your car.)  My differential was leaking.  We've discussed this with Toyota and the response was, "Well, what do you want from a car with 100,000 miles?"  Toyota offered to work with us to replace my vehicle but when they were told that while we are okay financially, we couldn't afford to purchase a car and to have a car payment, all offers were rescinded.  I told the gentleman that 100,000 was half life for a vehicle from them considering that two other Toyotas we owned had over 200,000 miles when they needed retired.  One had over 235,000 miles!  Again, they care none, their quality has gone to crap and we're stuck paying the bill.  Subaru will be our next pick.  We just have to finish paying off braces, buy a violin . . . It'll be a while.

November really sucked.  The month started out with my brother's house burning up.  Turns out that there was an electrical short in the rental they were living in.  They ran out to the store, came back and found the back of their house up in flames.  They lost a dog and a rabbit as well as all of their belongings besides the clothes on their backs and some tubs of Legos.  They had no renter's insurance (don't ask me why because they certainly had the funds for it) but a lot of generosity has pulled them back around.  They are currently waiting for the house to be rebuilt and have plans to move back in some time in May.

M's Aunt Ann died.  She was 92 or 93.  As she was a beloved family member, she had lived a long life and will certainly be missed.  We went back and forth for the calling hours and funeral, M serving as a pallbearer.  We enjoyed time getting together with family and sharing a meal before all of us went off to start life again.

Less than a week later, M's Uncle Jimmy passed away.  This was quite sudden.  A shock.  Uncle Jimmy had just been sitting next to me at the funeral dinner the week before.  "How are you feeling, Uncle Jimmy?"  "I'm doing great!"  I still hear him answering back in his Uncle Jimmy voice.

M's heart was completely broken.

Once again, M served as a pallbearer.  Poor guy.  Twice in one week and this one was the most difficult one he had to do.  Grand kiddos came up and put coloring pages in the casket.  Of course, that was when I broke down.  So very sad.  K was so sad that she opted to go to school because she couldn't handle the funeral.

Uncle Jimmy passed away Thanksgiving weekend, so it was kind of difficult to hit the ground running with Christmas.  We did everything we usually do, but it seemed that we were going through the motions.  That isn't how Christmas is supposed to be.  In my own lil head, I just kept hearing Aunt Debbie sobbing.  Oh, how she broke our hearts, too.

On happier ends of things, because I think I haven't been sprinkling dust of happiness thus far, M celebrated his 45th birthday and we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

We've hit some concerts this past season, the most recent being The Lumineers.  We saw them down in Columbus.  K absolutely loved the concert.  M, not his music, was blown away by their performance.

That brings us to today.  I have a tray of soon-to-be seedlings growing in the window.  It's early, but I've settled in on the fact that winter is just not to be this year.  I made a new spring wreath and put it up already.  I also changed the garden flag to the "Welcome Spring."  Again, must embrace.  I could act like it is winter, but . . .

K and M worked on the bikes the other day, parted two bikes together for her (she had a bike that she won that needed a new rim) and the two of them biked about 9 miles the other day.  Walking at night is going to start happening again.  We all miss it.

Crocus' are up.

K brought me bloomed dandelions in JANUARY.  It's Ohio, y'all.  Just remember, climate change isn't supposed to be a real thing.

K is looking forward to the Solo and Ensembles competition coming up.  She'll be playing a solo on her violin.  I did just learn that she needs piano accompaniment.  Hmmm.  Gotta look into that.

We're here.  We're pulling through and frankly, I am looking forward to summer.

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