Friday, February 24, 2017

I may have been just a touch overzealous.

There has been a very noticeable absence of winter this year.  I have come to the conclusion that my beloved winter is just not to be this year and as my eyes are already watering and my nose is running, I decided to break out the seed packages and embrace what is.

I had some seeds from that I had purchased last year.  I also had some basil and parsley seeds I picked up from Aldi last summer.  A big surprise was when my Secret Santa gift arrived from Victoria BC including-- SEEDS!  Vicki from Victoria was very kind in sending along a number of gardening items and the calendula was included in that.  

Basil just popped up this morning.  The zinnias, portulaca and catchfly are happy.  The zinnias are particularly pleased.  (Oops.)  Here's the thing, it is my goal to grow all of the plants I intend to have in the gardens this year, so it isn't so bad that I got a slightly early start.  

I'm most curious to see if the passion flowers will germinate and grow.  They claim that they have a 30 day germination period.  Y'all, that is going to try my patience.  I want to see them sooner than that!  

Once I get these plants big enough to transplant, I'll make a run at starting some more.  I know that I have beets (not a fan, but VfromV sent them, so I'll try them), carrots will be a direct seed as well as yellow squash.  I have cabbage (from Baker Creek/ that I received as a freebie with an order.  I do love some cabbage, so I may toss a few directly in the ground today just to see what will happen.  

So things are growing!  That is a very good thing! 

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