Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little bits of 5th grade.

This past Thursday was the school wide Literature and Arts Festival.  They have improved it quite a bit from when they first started it.  I believe that K was in the third grade and frankly, it was a bit of a snoozer.

This year it was Dr. Seuss themed.  It made for a bit of a tight night.  K had the Literature and Arts Festival where she was playing in a harp recital and in a shoe fashion show (more on that in a minute) then moving on to swimming lessons at the local university.
Harp recital:  6:45 PM
Shoe Fashion Show:  7:00 PM
Swimming Lessons:  7:45 AM (about a 10 minute drive, park and walk.  About a 20 minute total time investment.)
I painted K's face with a Lorax mustache with pink swirl cheeks and pink eyebrows.  I gave her three unevenly placed hair knobbins with bright pipe cleaners swirling around them.  Her principal was laughing and calling her Cindy Lou Who.  :)  You see, I talked with her art teacher and asked if there was any way we could bump K close to the front of the shoe show so that we could scoop and run if it ran too long.  Sure!

She put her up front.
My baby up front with her Lorax boots.  Those would be her boots on the screen.  I loved that her art teacher took photos of them and put them on the screen so that everyone could see.  

Blurry, but you could get a little idea of those knobbins that I'm talking about.  
You can also see the face paint.  

The kids are on two-handed play with the harp now.  What a wonderful opportunity for her to be able to learn harp this year.  

What was funny is that we raced to swimming with her still in costume.  The students at the university kind of dug it.  She wore her bathing suit underneath all of it, so we could have her ready with clothes, but that left me to pull pipe cleaners out and the more difficult task of removing the paint.  I had baby wipes and had to kind of scrub at the paint.  We got her all ready with 5 minutes to spare!  :)

It's been a rough year.  I credit harp for pulling K through.  What a wonderful blessing in the storm of 5th grade we've had this year.

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

That's awesome that she plays the harp! And I still think of her as a small grade schooler. Seeing her in pictures, she's so grown up. <3