Thursday, March 12, 2015

Juan Pablo and his European adventures.

The fairy that visited us was a lovely gentlefairy by the name of Juan Pablo.  I told K that we employ the Fairy Union that is an equal opportunity employer.  We have males.  We have females.  I explained to her that she is one of the few children that are given foreign coin.

Foreign coin?

Well, you see, our Tooth Fairy Union members travel internationally.  They've got a lot of ground to cover, so they must be of most excellent flying skills.

Juan Pablo had dropped 5 different Lira and a coin from Spain.  I explained to K that though Juan Pablo knew that the Lira no longer held a monetary value in Italy, that he thought that she could appreciate it and enjoy it as foreign coin.  JP bounced through Europe on this way through to K.  He wanted to leave her something special because he knew that she just had 6 teeth yanked all at once.

Can I tell you how much she enjoys getting the foreign coins from the fairies?

Her tooth fairy haul overall?  5 Lira, 1 Spanish coin and $6 American dollars.  (1 for each tooth.)

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