Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl of Shipping: Good works from small things.

On January 14th, Ames Bros. announced on the Pearl Jam site that they were selling a PJ X Amesbros VS Hunger t-shirt with all proceeds going to their local food bank.  
Official Pearl Jam Firehawk T-Shirt designed by Ames Bros for the Seattle Seahawks Kick Hunger Challenge™ 
We are proud to unveil the Official Pearl Jam Firehawk T-Shirt for the 2015 Seattle Seahawks Kick Hunger Challenge. Represent the Hawks, Pearl Jam and fight hunger in one fell swoop. This Ames Bros Classic 100% Cotton T-Shirt is super soft and lightweight for excellent fit and comfort. Look good, feel good and be the envy of every other Hawks fan on the planet. Meanwhile, you'll help kick hunger in Seattle with the profits from every shirt sold going straight to Food Lifeline.   
Remember, we're the returning champions (Super Bowl AND Kick Hunger Challenge), so be a part of history as we do it all again this season and order the shirt now. 
For more info on helping kick hunger, visit the official Seattle Seahawks Kick Hunger Challenge web page and the Food Lifeline website. Get it at Amesbros. 
I ordered it as soon as I saw it drop onto the site.  Now, I'm not usually one to do that, but I really liked the shirt and the money went to a cause near and dear to my heart-- helping the food bank in their local community.  (I've helped with the food drive at K's school for years.)

I ordered my shirt BEFORE the Seahawks went and won in the last minutes of the game.  :whew:  I would've worn it anyhow.

The shirts weren't printed until January 19th.  I knew we were cutting it close.  PJ also announced their own shirt to benefit the same cause.

Y'all, I had more faith in Ames getting my shirt to me than PJ.  Love my boys, but their shipping times are never really quite great.

In the shipping Super Bowl of Ames vs. PJ, Ames won!  My friend Dave is in Columbus.  He ordered both shirts.  His PJ 12th man shirt is sitting in shipping purgatory 10 miles from his house, but Ames came through.  Mind you, his PJ shirt mailed 3 days ahead of my Ames shirt and 6 days ahead of his Ames, and they are both in Seattle.

Here's what I got:

My shirt started the shipping process on Monday, having left Seattle on Tuesday evening.  Ames uses first class USPS and PJ uses Mail Innovations which is a joint venture between UPS and USPS.  

Mailing anything by Mail Innovations is the equivalent of putting something on a slow boat from Siberia.  That we've definitely found USPS first class wins hands down.

Go HAWKS!  :)

ETA:  At least money went to charity and it is a cool shirt! 

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