Friday, January 9, 2015

"Why did the kids have to go to school today?"

I stopped by the grocery to pick up a few things.  The dairy manager is one of our PTA dads.

"Why did the kids have to go to school today?"

:puzzled look:  "To be educated?"

You see, there are a bunch of schools that have today off again.  My nieces and nephew, as well as one of my best friend's children have been off since Wednesday.

Y'all, there is no reason why the children here aren't in school.  It was a little cold this morning, but nothing overlyeque.  K would tell you that yesterday WAS cold and that she could understand why there was no school.  Yesterday, the temperature was -2.3 F when we woke up and the wind chill was tickling -20 F.  I get that.  This morning, the temperature was 15 F and I think that the windchill was -1 F.

"Don't you have any pull with getting the days off," he asks while chuckling.

"Nope.  I'm responsible for the newsletter and won't be taking on anything more!"

We aren't in the snow belt.  We aren't in the secondary snow belt.  We get snow.  We get Lake Effect snow, but nothing like Chardon and where Hubs grew up.

My child wore her boots, a sweater over her uniform and made sure she zipped her coat up all the way.  She's good.

Go.  Get educated, my child.  Learn stuff.

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