Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go, K, GO!

Today was the Science Expo.  Dang.  It was a long day.  It started last evening, though.  K had to go last night to set up her science fair project.  We got a gander of those around her.  She followed the strict guidelines in the workbook that was given.  Most others did not.  We walked away and I said, "K, did you take a look at what was around you?"  "I did."  "I'm feeling pretty good about your project!"  "Me, too!"

K had her interview at 9:45 AM this morning.  Poor kiddo was so nervous.  All of our girls were.  She went, they talked with her a few and she was done.  She was out in less than 10 minutes.  She was given a participation ribbon and she was pleased as punch.  Not exactly knowing all of the in's and out's of this science shin-dig, we opted to stay on for the awards.  K's teacher said that all of the children get awards, but I found that the awards were on a "rating" type system.  Their rating system was:  Superior, Excellent, Good and Satisfactory.  

My baby got a superior!  :)  

Sorry that it's blurry.  It is the best that I could do.
I had an idea of what a superior meant, but when she came out with sheets in hand, it was like American Idol.  "Oh my gosh, M, she's going on."  And she is!  My baby is going on to the next step of the Science Expo.  That is a larger Science Day held at the local university where K takes swimming lessons.  What day is it?  Oh, it happens to be on the EXACT weekend every year that I have to go out as a buyer for work.  

Drat it all.  Hubs is trying to get the day off work.  He promises that he will take lots of photos.  :sigh:  It makes me feel bad that I will have to hand the baton off and have Hubs handle this one, but as K so politely said, "There are a lot of things that Dad hasn't made it to that he wanted to.  This one is okay, Mom.  Dad can do it with me.  I promise I'm okay with it."  And she is.  I know that she is.  IF he can't get off, I'll arrange it through work that I'll drive to Columbus for Friday, drive back that evening, go to her Science Day on Saturday, drive back to Columbus that evening, go to buy with them on Sunday, then drive back maybe Sunday night or Monday night.  (Hubs is off Monday, so he could cover me on that one, too.)  It's doable.  The people I work for are great and completely family friendly.  Bless their hearts, they'll be pulling for her! 

The project that my baby worked on.  So many hours.

Proud of her!  Onward we go!


Rach said...

AWESOME!!!!! I'm SO SO SO SO SO proud of her and her hard work! Especially given the craptacularly small window in which you had to prepare...

That display board is STUNNING! Seriously! I did Science Fair for three years at WA and many of them didn't look as good. The slipshod crap I saw from some of the kids made me cringe. Not even kidding. K's? Brilliant!

Congratulations, kiddo! :oD

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Congrats Miss K!!! Maybe next year she can come over and help my boys :)