Saturday, May 10, 2014

Those little slots in the curbing aren't magical vacuum slots.

Photo from Pinterest link.
It's the time of year that drives us absolutely crazy.  You have people far too lazy to do the extra 5% of lawn work involving clean-up.  What do they do?  They use the leaf blower to blow all of their lawn debris to the street or even worse, they blow it down into sewer.  Um, rainwater belongs there.  Lawn debris definitely does not.  Sewers are not dust pans.  Grant you, we do have street sweepers that we are required to pay a monthly assessment for.  They come by once a week.  At least, unless there was a torrential rain, I would think that they might clear lawn clippings from the roadway.  However, when people decide to use the sewer as a lawn debris or leaf collectors, I want to scream, "When they clog and back up, it's because of YOU!"

Please either clean up your lawn clippings or blow them back through the yard like Hubs does.  The bits break down, feed the lawn and then you don't have to put those nasty chemicals all over.  Greener grass and no water pollution!  A win-win for everyone!