Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Accidental private swimming lessons.

Every year, we sign K up for swimming lessons at the local university.  This year her level of swimming was at the same time on Saturdays that she has archery.

Now that wasn't going to work.

For the first time, we consented to a sport during the week with the stipulation that all homework must be accomplished before going-- without issue-- and that there be no drama.

Well, yesterday was a rough start. 

We assembled for dinner, had a discussion about the days events and we've nailed it down to grief at the loss of yet another hamster (Oreo died on Monday, even though he was a baby we waited for and we had him less than a month) and the fact that K has a touch of something-- a rotten stomach ache, but nothing else-- and that she needs to soldier on.  

We arrived at the pool.  Lessons were to start in 5 minutes.  3 ladies were sprawled across the bleachers that are big enough to hold 21 people.  I put the swim bag down on a small square and said to K, "I'm just going to put our things here."  One lady moved over 6 ".  Nice.  Another older lady barks at me and says, "Is she in level 5?!"  


"Well, they are looking to change the class."

"I didn't get an e-mail.  Are they canceling?  I didn't know."

"Well I didn't get an e-mail either, but they are looking at changing the class to [35 minutes before the scheduled time].  That's okay with you, right?"

"Um, no."

She looked stunned.

"Ma'am, we work."

She now looked ticked.

K wanted to go on over to the lane and I went with her.  Her instructor introduced herself to me, but was kind of back-peddling.  Apparently, she had started the lesson 35 minutes prior to our arriving on time for our scheduled block for class.  

"Hi.  I'm K's mom and I had a lady over in the stands kind of momming everyone and wondered, is the class time changing?" 

"I'm M and we need to talk about class times, but we can do that after class.  You can go upstairs to pay for the class and well, normally people sign up and don't show up and . . . well, I started class about 35 minutes ago and I need to see what I'm going to do."

"M, I understand.  I can't do an earlier time because both of us work and my husband works [a far ways away] and this truly is the time block we can do.  I know that you started the lesson already and unfortunately, if it can't be at this time, we can't do it.  I'm sorry for that, but if K is to do lessons, then I'm hoping that she gets the 45 minute block we're assigned to, because we were here in time for the lesson and it is scheduled to go from [this time to that time]."

Grandma came back over and haggled a bit with M.  I felt bad for M, but no notice was given and we were there at our allotted time slot and ready to go.

Before paying, I confirmed that the time would remain as advertised.  After class, M told me that she'll just hold two private lessons.  K will get her own because the other lady (Grandma) has children scheduled for two back-to-back 45 minute sessions, leaving her to sit for an hour and a half.  

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Grandma knew that when she signed the kids up or was told that by their parents.  

So there you have it.  My child gets private swim lessons twice a week for a month for $50 total.  Hooray!

Incidentally, when Grandma left, she totally snubbed us.  I can't wait to see how her attitude improves over the next month.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Sunday School surprise.

Each of us received a copy of this with a post-it on the front listing some pages that specifically referred to things that she knew about us. Sheila's post-it to me listed the different adoption pages.  I told her that I would have read them then, but it would make me cry.  Such a thoughtful gift!  Such a wonderful personalized gift.

Sheila and her husband are both retired principals.  Her husband was the previous principal of K's elementary.  Sheila was raised Quaker and her father was a minister.  I know that Mr. G was raised in a very Christian household, too.

She is on my list to send a thank you.  What a wonderful thing for her to do for all of us.