Thursday, October 9, 2014

5th Grade Harps

Today is a new day in our house.

"Mom, it was so great!  I got to touch the strings and everything!"

K was accepted into the 5th Grade Harps program.  It is the only elementary school harps program between Cleveland and Canton.  She had to apply.  She had to have good grades and fairly impeccable attendance.  Then she had to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

A few weeks seemed like an eternity.  Last Friday was THE day.  She got the long letter.  She got mornings.  What does this all mean to you?

Well, K gets 25 minute harp lessons before school starts 4 times a week for the cost of-- wait for it . . .

. . .  $30 for the ENTIRE school year.

Practically a steal.  We've spoken about harps ever since we heard about them.  I do admit presenting it to her when was much younger as, "It is certainly up to you.  I'd love to see you try.  When in your life will you ever have the opportunity to learn how to play a harp?"

She talked to the music teacher in 3rd grade.  "Nope.  Too young.  Come back at 5th grade."

4th grade was waiting.

5th grade started with waiting.  She needed the application.  She needed to wait to hear.  She DOES want to learn how to play harp and not because her mama really wanted her to.

I love it when we accidentally land on the same page!

So, we have a child studying the harp.  :shakes of the head:  What a cool thing.  How I would have loved that opportunity at her age!

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