Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tumble Dry Kitty

-- No opposable thumbed tuxedo kitties were harmed in the making of this blog post. --

Since K was at camp with Hubs this week, I decided that today I would kick around the house and be domestic.  I freed the table of the pile that always feels it needs to live there, dusted, did some dishes, made a delicious dinner, watered some flowers outside, was a laundress . . . you get the idea.

I realized that I hadn't seen Leia for a while.  I looked, didn't see her and figured she'd eventually show back up.  She's an indoor kitty and our house isn't that big.

About an hour after I realize I hadn't seen her, I still haven't seen her.  I looked in her usual haunts and still-- no kitty.  This normally wouldn't be reason for alarm, but this kitty girl has gotten herself in some tight places before.

I started calling for her.  I looked for her.  I couldn't find her.

Then I remembered-- the dryer.  Oh, no.  Maybe she got into the dryer when I was throwing clothes in.  I ran down, didn't hear a thump or meow and started digging through the clothes.  :whew:  No tumble dry kitty.

Then I thought about the possibility that the screen fell out.  I checked the screens and they were all intact.  :whew:  No escape kitty.

Where is she?  I called and called.  Finally, I heard the ting of a tiny bell.  She squirreled herself away in a place in K's tiny room that I didn't check.  I don't know where she was, but she hopped over the baby gate and all was well.

I about had a heart attack when the thought that I tumbled her dry came to mind.  I was listening to Jane's Addiction and I wouldn't have heard anything.

Double check dryer.  She likes to stand and watch me throw clothes in.

Don't give mama a heart attack like that, kitty-dear.  Mama can't handle it.

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Rach said...

Oh mercy! I'd have had a massive heart attack as well! Goodness kitty girlie!