Friday, July 11, 2014

The wonderful sniffiness of line dried laundry.

I haven't been able to line dry as often this year as I usually do.  We are about 3 weeks behind on the growing season, which left us full of pollen for far longer than we usually have it floating about.  (As evidenced by my need to smile at my doctor and nearly jump for joy when he gave me my first ever allergy shot.)  I just can't hang the laundry out in that.

Then you have storms, or the chance of storms.  Now, a little sprinkle every now and then never hurt anyone's laundry.  However, if I have to bring laundry in that is wetter than it was when it went out, it may make me cranky.  The chance of storms has been high lately, so I've had to use the indoor lines in the basement.

Today, the weather smiles and I smiled with it.

It is 84 F or so. The sun is bright.  There is a nice breeze.  Humidity is tolerable.  With those things in mind, I jumped out of bed and started pulling sheets off.  I decided that today would be the day to wash the bedspread, too.  I always wash the blankets in the summer and leave them on the line.  However, I have a short run on my laundry line, so it usually takes a few weeks for me to get all of it done.

It is delightful.  I never sleep as well as I do on freshly laundered and line dried sheets.  They are sniffy and just scratchy enough, but not so much to be like sandpaper.  (We can't use softener due to skin irritations.)

I had enough sunlight time to put some other things on the line.  :sigh:  The season is back and we are happy.  :)

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Rach said...

Sniff it for me, please! Line drying hasn't been much of an option for me this summer--too humid. :oS